INDIA182: Day 165 debrief. . .

I took my time to wake up this morning.

Since I departed from my homey guest house a little bit before the scheduled lunch time at the base, I decided to pay the place a visit to give my stomach a fill, before heading out to meet a guy who I was recommended to, in Dehradun. After this meet, the plan was to head to the spiritual high place in this other village.

Apparently the time to hike there would take me around 2 hours. The story behind this high place was explained to me the other day by the leader of the base here. He told me that all the villagers and most of the city would go and give animal sacrifice in this temple once a year. As soon as he spoke about this place, I felt a stirring in my spirit to go pay this place a visit. And the 2 hour hike there and back gave me a greater surge of adventure to test out my fit legs! whoop!

After the quick gulp of lunch, I took an auto rickshaw down to the city for my meet up with the much awaited mystery man hailing from the country of Australia. We agreed to meet each other and see whereever that would lead to! I arrived and caught a glance of a elderly man with a young spirit and still a few more tricks up his sleeve. This was definitely the man I was recommended to. As we began to chat, it was amazing to hear this man’s testimony and see it standing in front of me. Having gotten into Buddhism and Hinduism at a young age, he had followed the religion and studied it deeply until he encountered Jesus in a vision coming to him and changing his life! Now, given his life to Christ, have been moved to speak into people’s lives that were still in that “spiritual seeking” part of life. And thus, God had called him to one of the most spiritual places in India where more than 100,000 people come to the place to seek for truth and a more spiritual/rested life.

Our get-together brought us to a cafe where we chatted over some coffee while we got to know each other more. It was still a very joyful, yet interesting experience, because it was our first meeting ever; though it seemed like we’ve known each other for a long time. Many occurrences with many different kind of people gave me this similar feeling but it is still something I haven’t been able to accustom myself to yet. It doesn’t mean that I treat the experience awkwardly but it is often a thought that occurs in the back of my mind.

ANYWAYS, our get together chat wasn’t enough for us, so we decided to schedule another one later that night. But during those wee little hours, I needed to start my trek to the high place on this other mountain apparently 2 hours away! I followed the light explanation given to me the other day by the leader and started my descent down the mountain into the valley, before starting my ascent up the other mountain to the village. As the village started coming into a small view, I started doubting that this trek would take just 2 hours there and back. Halfway down my descent, we meet up with a few shepherds that told me the village was not 2 hours there and back but rather 6 hours! This dropped the percentage of my hopes in reaching the place to an all time low. haha I was then really confused and had no choice but to go back home, which took me another hour because of the hour long descent taken down this side of the mountain.

Thus the prepared hike to the high place had failed because of the lack of time I had today. Still a slight pull and pressure to go there gripped me spirit. I still had a day left so I could take an early hike there which would take me 6 hours. Truthfully, that didn’t sound so exciting for me. A 6 hour hike! Jesus help me! After arriving home and freshening up a bit, I had little time before having to head down to the city for my meeting set up with the guy I met up with earlier. We had a wonderful time chatting a bit more in a Thai restaurant and enjoying each other’s company. Though the hike I had in the afternoon was a fail, God had set me up with a good night eating warm food with some excellent company!

Prayer requests:

– I have prayed and have confirmation of whether I should take the 6 hour hike up the mountain. I will be setting off pretty early so please pray that God will give me strength and persistence and trust to head up this mountain with Him!

– also pray that everything will be set and ready for my departure to Delhi tomorrow! One of the final few locations as my journey comes to a close!

– and please pray for the french team here to continue diving into the love of God and discovering more about Him as they continue their outreach here!


Much love from India!!



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