INDIA182: Day 167 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: A interesting welcome to the city of Delhi, a few updates over a good cup of coffee, and a walk around the place. (Mostly just a day of rest.)

I arrived in the city of Delhi with a cold welcome. It was again a weird timing in the morning where I had to reluctantly wake my hosts to give me some directions on where the auto rickshaw was going to drop me 5 o’clock AM. I was definitely cheated on my fare towards the place but wasn’t really conscious enough to realize it. haha

There was a little bit of a miscommunication with my accommodation so the hosts had to move me to a Catholic monastery for my stay there; which was fine and pretty cool, because I got to see so many nuns walking around and felt like I was in sound of music or something. haha

I apparently didn’t come at a good time, because all of the staff where still on holidays and most of the ministries around the city were not really operating. I had a little orientation of the area of Delhi I was in, the places to go grab good cheap food, and a few contacts in case I got lost; And there I was left to fend for myself. It was something unexpected, coming into a city like Delhi, but something I didn’t mind because it was the first day here and I still had to manage some projects I had been procrastinating to update.

And that was most of the day. haha You folks didn’t really have to read through this but bless you if you did anyways! Thank you so much for your support and patience still as the days tick away! I can’t believe I have less than 2 weeks left in India!! May Jesus have all the glory from me while I’m still here!

Prayer requests:

– please pray for God’s will in my schedule here to be shown, because there is a discouraging amount of things to do while I have planned to stay the week here.

– also pray for the teams here (including my host) to continue getting rest and strength during this time, so they can push forward in this new with the ministries God has given them a heart for!


Much love from India!!



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