INDIA182: Day 168 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: A family visit to the mall, a chat with the mercy ministry base, and some good home cooked food (it had beef in it!)

I had invited the host family of the mercy ministry in Delhi for some lunch the day before. In the morning, the family took me to a mall nearby to grab some food and just an experience of mod India. I could really see the development of India and the western influence as I walked through the mall; noticing many stores that I’ve seen in other western countries.

It was again a pretty chilled day with the host family as we chatted and walked around and played with the kids. I thanked Esther and Julius again for their hospitality and generosity in having them host me in Delhi during their holiday season. During this time, we got to chat about the city of Dehli and just more of the spiritual side of things here.

After our visit to the mall, we brought the conversation back to their house as they invited me to end the day in dinner! They continued to let me in on the history of Dehli and the busyness of the city life that affects the different groups of society/people/culture that have come to this city for job and ‘success’.

Since arriving here, the feeling of this journey is dying down. IT’S SO EXCITING!! It’s really something I’m looking forward to and also not looking forward to BUT this is not the end between India and I!

Wonderful home made dinner by the way! Had just the right amount of meat in the meal; TONS OF IT haha

Prayer requests:

City of Delhi

Spiritual Atmosphere:

Strongholds: busyness, pride, anger, drunkenness, greed, lust, disunity, confusion, depression, religious spirit

Religion: Hinduism, Muslim, Sikh

Many people from different states come here looking for jobs.

Depending on the people groups in India that have come here, there are different gods in the specific.

How was Delhi was formed?

In the time of Mogul emperors that had conquered and reigned here, there were many kingdoms and rules and authorities. There was a lot of disunity and greed and grasp for authority. Much comparison and much caste ism.

The younger generation is very evolved in work. Most of them do not know what Hinduism is and who God is; they are just asked to follow the crowd/family. There is a big identity crisis. They are very confused in what they believe. They are more concentrated in their career.

Redemptive attributes: unity, generosity, reading out the word of God

– pray for that these redemptive attributes be greatly imparted into the hearts of those who are spiritually blind and spiritually seeing!

– may many of the churches not hold trespasses against each other because of certain principles other people do not follow; BUT rather live the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-19)

Much love from India!!



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