INDIA182: Day 171, 172, & 173 debrief. . .

Theme of the daysss: Being a tourist + prayer walking around the many many sites in Delhi.


While most of the mercy ministry team was busy and still in the holiday spirit of not doing anything, God had brought me a courageous young boy (15 years) to travel with me and communicate for me when I had just a little ounce of knowledge in speaking Hindi. I had also felt a calling from the Holy Spirit to call him along this three day trip with me around Delhi.


The boy’s name is Sonu. For the past 3 days in Delhi, we have been connecting more and more through first meeting in church, and then to the movie theater, and now travelling about Delhi. During the first day of the trip, we were to venture to a site called the amber fort. It was my first time traveling on monorail in India and I was quite impressed at it! Sonu had said that they are already building more of then in the different major cities in India for a better/faster way to travel around.

At the foot of the red fort, I gave Sonu a debrief of what I was doing here for the next 3 days and what prayer walking meant and what interceding meant. Before all of this, he had only gotten to experience prayer walking once in his life. We then started off in the fort, because I could pull off looking like a northeastern Indian, we got head straight in without questions and a cheaper price! PRAISE THE LORD!


For the next two days, we would head about towards different temples, sites, and areas where the host family had recommended me to go. During this whole time, I had felt a great spirit of greed and bitterness in the areas we were heading into. I would also ask Sonu many times of what he was feeling or what he was hearing from the Lord. I could see a greater interest and growth in this kid’s spiritual awareness and want to hear the voice of God more! It was such an encouragement to see such a young boy come with me and Jesus to these places!


In one of the sites, it was a hanuman temple. This place was specially recommended to go to from the host family. I immediately felt a dark presence as I stepped in the area. I had rarely felt such darkness than I did there. Hanuman is a god in Hinduism providing strength and blessing. It was huge crowd pushing and pulling to get inside the temple and offer their sacrifice or prayer so they would be blessed. Sonu and I just stood outside and prayed for this place. There was enough to be felt outside of the temple.


3 days of full-on ministries visiting sites and seeing the beauty of these structures but also arriving to areas where such greed, lust for money, and anger could be seen. Though Sonu didn’t say much from the experience, it had really opened his eyes to the spiritual world that is so entangled with the physical.


By the end of the last day, we headed out to a mo mo (dumpling) restaurant and had fills of them. With warm stomachs in a cold night, we chatted about the experience a little bit more. And though it was the end of a good 3 days spent, I had to jump straight into bed for some rest for my bus trip to Jaipur tomorrow!! So few days, and yet so much to do!!


Prayer requests:


– please pray for the sites in Delhi, especially the hanuman temple. May the light of the Lord shine forth in these areas and break the darkness impelled within.

– Also pray for strength from Lord, as I travel to Jaipur tomorrow to visit a media ministry there that I have been recommended to meet for a couple now! I’m excited!

– Also continue praying for the mercy ministry here to have greater and greater understanding and revelations of God’s love.

– And pray for Sonu. May his life be led by the Holy Spirit and continued to be molded, starting now, into more of an intimacy with God day by day!


Much love from India!!



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