INDIA182: Day 175 + debrief!

After the long travels and hectic three days in Delhi, I took my time to get out of bed.

I was greeted with a warm cup of coffee as I finally arrived upstairs. The day before, I got to experience Anima’s home grown vegetables. She would grow out outside in the terrace. They had a huge area that just looked over the city! BEAUTIFUL.

Being focused in the media, I got to help out with the eldest son, Abhishek with some graphics and IT things. It was really impressive how he was in a TV broadcasting graphics designer before he went to Kona to do a DTS. The other son also was like the next Shakespeare. I am yet to read his series that he’s working on though but am truly excited.

One of the atmospheres that I had quickly grown to love, was the chilled/relaxed state we were all in, at the base. But so much fun would happen, it seemed like the day would slip away unnoticed, until my head hit the pillow.

Sometime in the afternoon, I got meet up with Gage; the first student for the upcoming media DTS. There wasn’t much conversation for the first few hours because of the major impression of jetlag that covered his face. Haha

I didn’t have much time left after the brief introductions to connect with Gage, because Rakesh was right on time to pick me up. We set off on a motorcycle that Rakesh borrowed from the pastor he was staying with. I, for some reason, had a slight nervousness with Rakesh riding the bike and looking back at me when he was trying to talk to me. Haha But, praise the Lord, we arrived to the pastor’s house unscathed.

The remainder of the night consisted of endless chats with Rakesh, blocking things that were thrown at me by the pastor’s naughty son, and amazing food with the whole family. Rakesh had explained earlier, that the pastor is a good friend and a student buddy of his, while they were studying in theology. Now, he comes to visit the pastor every month or so to see them. And the pastor also got to explain about the orphanage he was building this area, a little outside the city of Jaipur, to build greater relationship with the villagers and people!

By the end of the night, I had got to pray for their ministries and bless their children in what was to come in their lives!

Prayer Requests:

– please pray for pastor Timothy here in Jaipur to receive greater wisdom and discernment in this coming up orphanage ministry.

– Also pray for Rakesh’s ministry, and he would be shown greater faithfulness and fruit, as he continues to prepare for what God has called him to do!

Much love from India!!20130114-105803.jpg


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