INDIA182: Day 177 + debrief!


Theme of the Day! 2nd day of skateboarding ministry with the boys. + 2 new arrivals of students! YAY.


Much of today was preparation for the DTS through cleaning some rooms that 2 girls were going to stay in and helping in on some cooking with Anima, whom makes home-made bread every day; and has been trying to tempt me into staffing through treats and things haha


Starting from my second day here, it has been constant movies every night! WHOO! Haha And so our nights would end at around 11-12am, with a good sleep on the way.


We came, we saw, we skated.


The girls arrived later that night, dozed and tired. One is from Kolkata and the other is from America. And that’s all I know so far!


Prayer Requests:


– please pray that the Lord starts preparing these students for a 6 months journey with Him which personally transformed my life! May the Lord not hold back on His revelations and love and passion for these students that have not been brought here by chance!

– Also continue praying for the city here to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as walls of generational curses fall right now, from the Light of the world being shown in every corner!


Much love from India!!20130114-112613.jpg


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