INDIA182: Day 176 + debrief!

Theme of the day: 1st day, out of many days of skateboarding with the boys: MINISTRY THROUGH SKATEBOARDING + good food & company!

Today, I got know about Gage. He and I had a little chat the night before, but we were both really tired to remember much of what we said. Haha So all I knew about him till then was that he was American (the most important part haha), it was his first time flying over to Asia, and he was a cool guy.

I again accepted the chilled/relaxed atmosphere of the place and woke up with a good sleep, and a good cup of coffee. Simon, Gage, and I just started brainstorming ideas and all came up with starting a skateboarding park to attracted youth and bring Jesus!

All this talk about skateboarding brought me back to my days of skateboarding/longboarding down the streets of Perth, Australia. And since Simon’s sons had received skateboards from Australia, we couldn’t help but head out and make fools of ourselves on the Indian streets!

Oh yes! Before I forget, Simon’s family had staffed in Perth, Australia YWAM as well; But long before I was there. Haha small world ay?

Anyways, our skateboarding mobs around the streets brought much attention and curiosity of what these wooden boards with wheels were! Many of the kids were looking and asking questions and some even got the courage to step on for a spin.

And by the time we arrived back to the base, the sun was setting and the day had gone. Not a waste at all with good food, good friends and a good time!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for the youth here in this area to have a good image of who Jesus is, through our actions and expressions of love!

– Also pray for greater doors to open in this skateboarding ministry that be a bridge to connect with this lost and hungry-for-the-truth generation!

I hope you all are doing well and loving the new year of faithfulness, joy, and peace from the Lord! Thank you so so much for all the prayers. There’s not a prayer that He’s not heard from His children for His children!

Much love from India!!



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