INDIA182: Day 178 debrief. . .


Asl;dfkjaslkfj as;ldkfjas; ldfkja;sldkfjas;dlfk PRIASE THE LORD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS TILL THIS POINT AND ONWARDS!!

Thinking about it now, it still seems so surreal that I’ve almost made it for 6 months in India and the torn feeling of the excitement to see my family and looking to the places I’ve been and seeing how much more needs to be done. I’ll be back India! Very very soon!!

So on this lovely Sunday in the city of Jaipur, India, the Martins’ family, Gage, and I set out for church. Both of the girls were still dead in sleep from the jetlag and lack of sleep on the plane, so we didn’t bother them.

Simon took us to an Anglican church with stain glass windows and well dressed people, while Gage and I came in with the only close-to-fancy clothes we had: jeans and a buttoned up shirt. Haha

After the service, all of the congregation went out to have a good cup of chai and chatted in the courtyard. Simon filled me in on who every one was and his connection with the church and leaders. As we got back home, the girls were awake and partially confused on where we were in the morning. Haha Since the girls haven’t really gone anywhere in the city, the boys and I invited them to come to the park with us while we venture on our 3rd day of skating!

It was a wonderful day to head out and take a stroll. The weather was perfect and the sun was just starting to set as arrived to the park. I quietly prayed for these peeps that were with me and the season they were stepping into with Jesus. It was great to just be out there with them; enjoying the end of the day.

And of course there was a movie night to totally wear us out. BUT no one would mind because it’s BATMAN!

Tomorrow. Kite Day. Too legit to quit.

Prayer Requests:

– please continue praying for the students that have come for this DTS to be filled with the love of God and shown what He has in store for them! May Your rain come down and refresh them Lord!

– May tomorrow be filled with joy and amazingness as it will be my last in Jaipur!

Much love from India!!



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