INDIA182: Day 179 debrief. . .


Theme of the Day! KITE DAY/ last day in Jaipur.

Gage and I woke up at the same time with a boom box blasting music near the window. Today was the day. My last day in Jaipur, yet the best day that I’ll have here if I pull it off!

I pushed myself off the bed to a lazy start. Most of the Martins’ family had already awoken and were getting things set up for the Kite Day. Kites were already blazing around in the sky as I made it to the terrace. It was like colorful jellyfish swimming around in the sky. I got my self a cup of coffee, sat on the terrace for a bit, looking out at the wonderful city full of music, kites, and joy.

Now these kites were not any kind of kites. They were definitely the kind of kites that I used to fly around when I was a kid. They had a special way to get them out of the ground, because of the lack of running space on the roofs. But other than the special way of flying these kites, these kites weren’t just for flying and looking pretty. These kites were used for cutting down other kites. In Jaipur, they would use this special glass string for the kites so they could be able to cut down other kites up in the air! These strings were not to be handled too lightly, because they would slice your fingers up if you didn’t have tape or gloves to use them! Haha So whenever there would be a kite sliced down, there would be screams and whoops of joy at the victory of another kite cut.

Most of the afternoon was relaxed and set up with food; glorious food! We filled ourselves up with snacks and samosas and puffs! AH! So good!

Later that night, Gage and I headed for a last skate mob. It was really a night to remember. We had the greatest crowd of auto rickshaw drivers talking to us, and asking us to help them on the skate board, and taking pictures of us skating. But all that was fun and dandy till an auto rickshaw driver invited to bring us back home for free! Not really thinking, we immediately accepted it and thought, ‘what could go wrong!’

I won’t go into much details but it was one of the weirdest nights I’ve had in India! Haha A little brief summary would include a textile place in an alley way, Gage being called a sexy man, random sensual things that were randomly questioned to us, and feeling like we were dealing with someone from the mafia.

We eventually made it back as the auto rickshaw driver had promised us.

And to finish it off, an amazing dinner over a campfire.

Thank you Jesus for Your protection and faithfulness, even when we’re acting stupid and not thinking where we are heading into! Haha Tomorrow, I take a bus to Agra for a day just to see the Taj Mahal and of course see what else or who else God brings me to!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for God’s leading hand to be with me as I have no idea what is planned for tomorrow in Agra (except the Taj Mahal)

– May God’s will be done these last days of the journey!!

Jaipur, thank you so so much for all of your love and hospitality and joy! These few days of memories will not be easily forgotten!

Much love from India!!



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