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INDIA182: Day 26 debrief. . .


Praise the Lord! He is good all the time!
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but awoke to God’s voice clearly speaking all through out the day! The day was again towards the following week which is starting tomorrow in which I’m suppose to be asleep right now but you guys need to be updated so it’s all good. (:
I guess to sum it all up, God has really blessed me today with a comforting promise in His faithfulness in never leaving me through many many confirmation and prayers. Ywam Bangalore has been such a blessing and these 2 weeks here has given me such a greater bond than I ever thought I would have. God has really blessed me with a great tons of new found friends that I will keep in contact with. (:
I had a lovely lovely night getting to cut my own cake in a orphanage and ending up eating dinner there as well. (:
I would like to also mention the wonderful egg puff cake I received in the morning which was a once in a lifetime kind of a thing hahaha God bless India!!
Prayer requests: Danny(teammate) and I will be traveling by bus for about 14-16 hours down south to our next destination at the southern tip of India. The down side is that all the good direct buses were booked so we’re praying for God’s provision in our travels as we will have to take 2 if not a couple of buses to get there. We leave at 3am so I’m gonna leave it at that and ask for strength and wisdom on the road for our team tomorrow. And most importantly, the kids hearts at the boarding school we’re going to; to be prepared now in God’s revelation to pour radically in their lives!! Let it be!!

Much love from India!!

Ps. Day 25 debrief. . .
Got to head to a church with over 200 kids (not all Christians) and have them do the bananas unite game along with worship and a powerful talk by George Ebenezer about the love of God towards their identity.
Pray that these seeds sown will take root and continue to grow in these teens and children’s lives.

Sorry if you don’t receive any updates for the next week!! The village that we’re going to for a week at the boarding school might not have any network let alone wifi!! Please pray for that as well. (: God bless you guys.


INDIA182: Day 26!


INDIA182: Day 24 debrief. . .


Received the schedule for the following week. Very very busy and I’m very bet tired BUT Jesus is good! I got to drop by an American shop run by a missionary family with the best cookies I’ve ever had. Way to top it up after a long eventful day of preparation. (:
Tomorrow, I’ll be helping at the church with a youth service with some worship and activities. Please pray for rest for me tonight as I will have to wake up pretty early tomorrow and strength for our team tomorrow!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 23 debrief. . .


Today was a day of the unexpected. So many things that I did not suspect that would just happen like an amazing time of testimony sharing at George’s house (the director of the new organization I’m working with to work at the school.) and getting to get even more excited for next week! Haha! Expect to see many amazing pictures and of God’s glory being shone when He moves!!
So much of getting to know my new friends that I am going to be spending the next week with. The guy on the left is Danny (also coming with us down south) and the one in the middle is Coline (the lovely french environmentalist).
So yes, much bonding this morning to the afternoon of preparing songs, brainstorming more ideas and such. (:
And at night, we headed back to base to attend the special coffee night/open mic night with a great amount of talent being shown with all sorts of languages and genres! And we ended it off with some reggae music with some of the base’s good african church friends that came to drop by for the night.
And to top it off, Eugene (a new found friend staffing at the Bangalore YWAM base) and I took a little stroll in the night to buy some drinks while listening to some Bob Marley on the way.
A good day. (: a good day. I’m content. Thank you Jesus.
Please contine praying for our team as we have a long way to go in our preparation for next week’s full on schedule and also for the DTS group in the base to contine having God pour revelation upon revelation of His love and their identity in Him! I hope you guys are doing well and also feel free to email me or give me a comment to ask for prayer requests or anything!!

Much love from India!

INDIA182: Day 22 debrief. . .


Nothing much to report today. (: Just praising God for a wonderful morning in getting to worship Him with the DTS class and encourage them in their walk with God and getting to intercede for my supporters, friends, and family.
I felt today was another resting day to get myself prepared for the intense following week down in the southern tip of India. I will be picked up tomorrow morning by a staff in this organization that I’ll be working with for the following week called beyond barriers which I updated you guys about yesterday night. We will start the schedule in preparation tomorrow for skits, dramas, teachings, music and the works!!
Please pray that God will give our team strength and persistence in God as we start our work tomorrow!! I’m excited (: (:
And as you can see, I was blessed with a new toy. Praise the Lord! I’ve been actually praying for this for a while!!

Much love from India!

INDIA182: Day 21 debrief. . .

I was finally pressured into washing my clothes today. It’s when my backpack is starting to get empty which is totally abnormal because it is stuffed full all the time. Haha
A couple of the staff from the ywam Bangalore base were joking with me on the terrace in commenting on my ‘Indian style washing’. I liked the work out though of a good ‘ol bucket soap wash to get my clothes clean. (:
I continued hearing from people and also the Lord to rest so I didn’t have much of a choice. I got to use the opportunity in being able to connect more with the current DTS team going through their lecture phase. Through out this week, a greater growth in my table tennis skills have rose since the gathering of DTS students were usually there. Haha
In the afternoon, I got connected with a another organization that were asking Coline (a French environmentalist that is currently helping the base in Bangalore) and I to help them volunteer at this school they were heading to for the week. The location would literally be at the tip of India where there is this missionary boarding school were all the missionary kids are. As the director and his wife took us out for coffee to explain more about it, their plan is to stay for a week to play music, dramas/skits, small groups, teachings, and encouragement to these missionary kids that have some grown in bitterness towards God because of the lack of understanding in why their parents have left them there for God.
As I was hearing more their ministry, called breaking barriers, in which work in secular schools as well teaching life values to youth, I was moved and touched to see the opportunity that God had laid before me. It was also a great plan in heading all the way down before heading back up to 2 other bases south from Bangalore.
Please pray for us as we are planning to start our preparations for this trip on Friday to schedule in what is going to happen the rest of the week! Praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity to reach the youth and give an opportunity for them to open up their hearts and actually experience who God is!
Please also pray for my open-handedness towards God’s will for where and when I am suppose to go place to place for I was convicted in trying to take it into my own hands again through trying to stay in each base for a week when God might want me to stay longer.
I will climb this mountain with Him with my hands wide open!!

Much love from India!