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INDIA182: Day 127 debrief. . .


My final day in Darjeeling. I will truly miss this magnificent city up in the mountains; the mo mo’s, the base staff and students, the awesome view.

There was one last thing to do before leaving Darjeeling: go to the famous Kungas. (I have been hearing about this place since before I heard about Darjeeling. There is no way that I wouldn’t go at this opportunity.)
So, after the amazing intercession time with the base and the Brisbane team, I mischievously planned to have lunch with the Brisbane team before I leave. And where else would I have the lunch than Kungas!! Yes, it was all settled. And my recommendations were not disappointed at all. I feasted at that place. It was marvelous. Haha

But enough about food. Today was my last day in Darjeeling and I said my goodbyes, got into a shared jeep, and headed back to Siliguri. It was time for me to continue on my journey with Jesus though the short sweet memories will never be forgotten.

Prayer requests:
-worship and intercession will be filled with God’s grace and presence as 2 days after tomorrow will be the start of my official ministry in Siliguri.
-the following places that I’m planning to visit will be prepared already by the Holy Spirit in meetings and people and places God is wanting me to meet.
-please pray for the DTS in Darjeeling to be more focused and in love with Jesus as they continue their own journey with Him!

Thank you guys for your patience. Had to top up the credit on my phone so I lost the chance to upload my updates for the past few days. I will try my best to keep you guys as updated as I can!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 127!


INDIA182: Day 126 debrief. . .


Theme for today!
-new people from the Brisbane team is always fun + worship and intercession time for greater grace and unanswered prayers + worship/father of lights movie!

This place has really given me a greater refreshment and joy over the past. . .day?? Has it only been that long? I awoken and stepped out to meet new faces from the Brisbane team that arrived to the base pretty late last night but safe and sound! It was really interesting to find out that there was only one Australian person that was on the team that was coming from Australia. Haha it was really good to hear some familiar, missed accents that I haven’t been surrounded with for a while.

After some quiet time with Jesus and a breakfast tea time with some good toast and jam, Dipen, his friend, Sidhartha, and I headed out for some early lunch. During our time together, the conversation just got into what the truth of success was and I got to share my passion for Jesus and the youth understanding to pursue their dreams that God has given them! I could really see it struck a cord with Sidhartha as I found out, before this, that his passion was for photography.

After our nice sit down for lunch, we started for the famous temple in the city of Darjeeling. As I climbed up the steps leading to the temple, a compassion and love for these people flooded into my spirit and I prayed silently for the people passing me after their prayer requests to their god. And I saw all the colorful papers for their prayer requests and questioned how many were answered? In a act of love and intercession, I dedicated all these prayers for the Father, who’s love abounds greater than those who don’t know Him or doesn’t have a relationship with Him. Jesus I trust that You will take these prayers and answer them with Your timing and love even though they may not know you from them.

It was the first time I saw the Fathers love like that and realized the millions of times God has answered my prayers and requests and wants though I didn’t have a relationship with Him; He pursued me!
Though I didn’t know Him, He knew me and loved me and still answered me.

Later that night, we had a wonderful intercession and worship time where I received an encouragement that really refreshed me. And after the Father of Lights movie, I got another word of encouragement from a student coming to me and asking me for prayer and then praying for me as well! That night, I had a greater revelation of God’s grace sufficient enough for me; and to understand that and know that and accept that was a transforming thing! Praise the Lord!

Such a wonderful day of refreshment and more revelations of the love of God! I want more of these days Lord!!! I can’t wait!! AHHHH! Haha

Prayer requests:

-pray that the spiritual stronghold of worshiping death will be cut off from this city as a light will shine greater than every other distraction which opens the people’s eyes to see Jesus, the only way, truth, and life!
-pray for the DTS students here to be filled greater by the love of God and never be afraid to give it all to Jesus as they are found in a time of transformation and growth in the Lord!!
-also pray for tomorrow’s planned trip to be set and in God’s will as tomorrow will be my last day in Darjeeling. ):

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 125 debrief. . .


Darjeeling. A city on the side of a mountain facing the third tallest mountain in the world. I remember arriving last night and seeing the glimmer of lights below me as the city lights of Darjeeling almost seemed reflect the stars glittering above.

I was awakened this morning by a slight chill trying to creep under my covers. The temperature had dropped dramatically from the previous place I was in. I have now reached the negatives and its lovely here!! The night before, I got to connect a little bit with the DTS there for dinner and then headed out for a walk around town with a new found friend, Sion.
The base here was pretty accustomed to outreach teams coming from Australia and was excited to see me come from the Perth base because they just had a team from there who I am good friends with!!

But yes, that was yesterday! Today, I took a step with the DTS team out around the city for a 2 hour prayer walk. It was a really an experience of beautiful scenery plus a long trek up and down the mountain. Haha good exercise plus a great view with Jesus!! What more can you ask?? During the walk, I had a greater chance to connect with the DTS and staff there. By the time we got back, we basically finished a marathon so we were pretty tired. Today really opened my eyes to the amount of exercise these people here do by just walking around town!

After arriving back to the base, I got meet up with the leader of the base, take him out for some good coffee to hear and learn about the spiritual atmosphere of the area and how the land was formed. Suman gave very interesting information on how Darjeeling used to be a military medical hub for the English military and later turned into a town.
It was really a blessed time where the both of us got to share with each other about our personal lives and where we were. I was also informed about the main spiritual high place that needs a breaking. Dipen really brought me a greater clarity with a picture of the trail of sacrificial blood that leads all the way down to another city starting from Darjeeling in a temple here. And the goals to break this spiritual trail. Let it be Jesus!!

Later that night, a group of us got to connect more through jamming with my ukulele and guitars and kongos. It was a pretty full day and I already feel like I’ve been there for a long time with good life-long friends! Praise the Lord!

Prayer requests:
City of Darjeeling:
(Most of these religions are mixed together as well)


Generational curse of spilt blood from wars and strive for ‘freedom’
There has been unrest until this year where the governmental party had changed.
Lack of Unity is the biggest issue in the community

-pray that I will continue to be discerning of His voice and what He wants for the time here! (:
-a team from Brisbane is coming later tonight so please pray for a safe journey here and a peaceful rest for tonight!
-finally pray for tomorrow’s worship and intercession

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 124 debrief. . .


Theme for today: Paint/encourage/pray for leaders + AWESOME TRIP ON MOUNTAINS to Darjeeling!!!

Today, I’ve got not much of a report but more of a praise.

Jesus is good all the time. And all the time, HE IS GOODDDD!!

Okay. Today, I gave examples to the leaders wife for finishing the canvas which is looking amazing! I also got to hear stories of the leaders brother being in the secret service; sky diving/halo jumping, all that cool stuff. And we had vegetables. Good God, we had vegetables home grown! Haha so good!!

After the lunch, I packed off, got prayed for by the leaders, and took my 15-20min stride up mountain with my 20kg mountain backpack. Hah! By the time I got to the bus station there to catch a taxi to Darjeeling, there were 30+ people waiting for the same transportation!! Trust God, He amazing provided a cheap taxi that took a shortcut up these mountains!! I have never fallen so much love with mountains in my life!
The view was historical. I could not put down my camera from the fear of losing a good shot! Part of God’s beauty just shook me that afternoon as I was staring in awe at the mountains range, having a pinkish glare from the setting sun.
I was awestruck by God beauty and kept asking myself whether I was still in India. Hahaha

I arrived safely thank you Jesus! A new place with an exciting set of days coming up!

Prayer requests:
-pray that I continue to rely on God for my strength and praise Him with the strength that He has given me.
– pray that these days will be revelational as I learn more about God’s love through whatever and wherever I see.
-please pray for the trust in God to continue to grow as He is leading me through this valley for a purpose for good!! I love you Jesus. And how could I expect to walk with out You?

Thank you guys for your consistency in prayer and support! God bless you!

Much love from India!!