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INDIA182: Day 161 debrief. . .


Theme for today: God is not a Christian.

The swami really taught today, our role as followers of Jesus and what it really meant to be the salt of the world!

He gave us such a greater revelation and understanding of God’s from the barbaric culture and sacrifices and treaties that God had never taught us to do. And now, it is set as a “needed principe” to be a Christian.

The swami also gave us an understanding of not putting the curry in the salt but sprinkling the salt in the curry or burger, or Swedish meatballs. . .etc.
We have set such a standard in pulling cultures down to ‘truly’ follow Jesus which was not how He really taught it!
We are to be lights in the darkness rather than lights in the light!

There is so much more as I had anticipated the night before! I am so so grateful that God had set this appointed time where the students and I had a chance to open our eyes and hearts towards a new understanding if who we really are and how we should really reach the lost in different cultures and different religions.

Praise the Lord or such a good teaching and discussion time, and I pray for more this revelation of who God really is and who I am in this!

My bus leaves at about 3:30pm so my time Dehradun is up. I have enjoyed you all so much and you will surely be missed! I know that God will continue to reveal Himself in your lives as He will in mine! Stay strong, joyful, hopeful, resting, and secure in the Lord!

Next destination: Dharamshala!!

Prayer requests:

– more grace and love would fall on this swami that is being light in the darkness towards his own people!

– a good rest and journey to the mountains!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 161!


INDIA182: Day 160 debrief. . .


Theme for today. Through feeling loved, we enter into a greater rest/trust/intimacy. More of Your love God!

God has given me another good rest for last night. Praise the Lord!
I have still been watching what I should eat, for the last couple of days, since the pleasant visit to the hospital. So to prevent anymore spewage, I bought fruit for my next-couple-of-days food and have slowly taken some rice and things. It’s been working so far! YES! Haha

Thank you again folks for your prayers that have really restored me and is still restoring me to full action! Packed with joy and fun!

The lecture today was just that! While praying for the students the night before and during the worship this morning, I had sensed a greater need to bring it out to discussion, than for me to just speak it out to them. What I clearly distinguished, was a lack of interpretation or questioning. It was really good to see the gears start winding in their minds as I asked “what ‘that’ meant”, when they would give me an answer that was cliche to what they have been brought up with and taught over and over again. There were often times, a blank or stumped appearance on their faces because they have never really reasoned that far from the answer which have disappointedly left many answers inapplicable to their lives; like “what does it mean to love God?” Or “how do I love God in a normal life?”

So I kept popping out these questions, because of the need to break certain boulders that have been set, because of certain cultures we’ve been brought up in.
And the feed back was good! Praise Jesus! I couldn’t help but apply this to myself during time of teaching and discussing. I still have no idea and can’t believe why they had invited me to teach! It was really an honor and lesson in learning how to interact during the lecture.

And no, the day did not end there! As some of you may know, I have been praying for finding peace to support a student doing the DTS here. It was really exciting to be able to support him with what God had over abundantly blessed me with! So after the lecture time with the DTS, a staff and I headed out to chat and grab some cash to bless!

Later that night, we traveled over to a good good friend of mine, whom I have not met for quite a long time. I had last seen her in Goa, leading the DTS there. Goa was my second location in India. I was super excited and not going to let this chance pass me by before my departure from Dehradun!

I had kind out a little late that ester was resigning here but immediately gave her a call to set up a date to meet up before I left! She was a little annoyed at the fact that I had been in Dehradun for so long, yet I didn’t visit her till I had 2 days left to leave this place.

I sorta made it up through a warm hug and laugh. We say around with a cup of chai, chatting away on what had happened the past 4 months to the both of us. And later, lovely Esther introduced me to her son and a swami that has come to rest for a while here.

What I found fascinating about this swami, was his complete dedication on being a Hindu, yet a deep follower of Jesus. If he were asked if he is a Christian, he would deny such principles in his lifeC but would agree on his love for Christ! After a brief chat and discussion of many things, I was excited to have him agree to the base director for a teaching tomorrow for the DTS! What a way to end my stay in Dehradun with some good teaching! Yes Jesus!!

Esther surprisingly made pizza, which was fantastic! And we chatted a bit more till the base called me up, I got prayed for by lovely Esther, and her son, Andrew, brought me back to the base.

A good day. Thank you so much for Your love Jesus!!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for vigor and strength and God’s grace upon the wonderful of my journey!

– pray for the students here to continue remembering the rest that comes behind the love if God. May they find rest and trust and grow their faith through this revelation of love, bringing them into a greater state of peace!

– pray for Esther and her family to be blessed even more in peace, rest, love, and hope for what is to come next!

– pray for Andrew (Esther’s son) and his visa for London as he is planning to go and volunteer there!

– pray for tomorrow’s teaching with the swami; that greater amounts of information will be remembered and understood as our Christian culture would be broken to find God!

– and finally pray for tomorrow’s trip up to a new location: Dharamshala! May the Lord lead me there safe and sound.

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 159 debrief. . .


I had a really delightful sleep last night. Praise the Lord! Manoj and I had a little chat the night before but were both really tired so slept quickly after I settled down.

The night before, I had asked the boys from the staff to go get some salty crackers to fill my stomach a little because everything else would be given out. Not knowing what ‘crackers’ are, Manoj hilariously bought me some chips. So that was somewhat our breakfast, which I was convicted by the doctor that came, later morning, to check on me.
Through the night, I didn’t fail to mention but would like to remind you again, the countless amounts of IV drips and antibiotics the nurses pump me with. So I was full of it and ready to leave.

Upon our departure, we met up with one of the families from the base that was admitting their child to the hospital. He explained that, since the extreme change of weather the night before, their child has been finding it very difficult to breathe. It was really hard to see this child suffering, relating it to the asthma that was an issue in my early years. Manoj and I had a time of prayer for him before we left, knowing that God cared for this child as much as He did with my health.

When we arrived back to the base, the director and staff came to meet me and encouraged me to just rest for the remainder of the day, saying that they had already set up another plan for my absence in teaching. I couldn’t agree more and accepted the bed as a good friend and buddy for the night.

But before that, I decided to do a little preparation for the teaching that I was going to have tomorrow. And what God reminded me of was what I had forgotten a while back in the journey.

My destiny is not about my destination, but about the journey. And I can find rest and peace, which are the most intimate postures in Christ, in the fact that He is more committed to my life than I will ever be.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matt. 11:28

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” John 14:27

Prayer requests:

– please pray for tomorrow’s teaching for the DTS. May the students have a greater revelation of God that is more faithful and more loving and more committed than us; and this shall give us rest!

– also pray for a growing strength from the Lord as I have not fully recovered yet!

– may I find rest in His arms for the rest of this journey; knowing that He will lead me to the paths of righteousness for His names sake.

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 158 debrief. . .


There were ups and downs today. A couple of days ago, we had some pork for dinner. Do not get me wrong, the pork was amazing! The only problem was my stomach and digestion didn’t agree so much. Through out today and last night, I didn’t find much rest physically. I wasn’t able keep anything inside my body without my body pushing it out. Haha Also, I was astonishingly asked to teach for 2 days in the DTS but had to decline the first day because of my health.

After a few more rounds of spending my day in the toilet, the staff an I decided to go to the hospital to get a quick check up.
When we arrived there, the doctor immediately admitted me because of my lack of hydration and sickness for the last couple of days.

I’m so so sorry I have’t been able to update this blog till now. I really appreciate your faithfulness towards me even in the last days! The main reason for my delay in writing out these updates was because of my sick days and time spent in the hospital.

You must be asking, ‘what could be a positive for today?’ Well I have about 2 that I can think of right now. One is the many failed attempts to get a needle into my veins because if my lack of hydration, so the doctor kept on poking me which I found partially hilarious because I’ve never had this problem before!
Second, is getting to connect with this guy from the base named Manoj. He had just come back from helping out in Thailand and gratefully decided to stay the night with me at the hospital, which I also found to be sweet and humorous as the same time because they has never happened to me before either!

My plans are to stay here for only the night as they pump me with IV drip and antibiotics non-stop. Fun stuff. God is faithful though! His love never fails! I will overcome this!

Prayer requests!

-strength for tomorrow and vigor from the Lord!

– a greater protection both physically and spiritually

– Discernment in what I will take in for the next couple of days so that this sickness will pass quickly!

Thank you sooo much for all the prayers and intercession on my behalf! I have felt every last one of them through the amount of grace and mercy and faithfulness that the good Lord has shown me!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 156 debrief. . .


Tis the day before Jesus birthday!! YAY!!

What a full on hectic yet exciting day!

To make this brief yet fulfilling, I’ll give you the main points for today.

The morning came about pretty early. Agreeing to support Robert, I got up at around 5:15am to pray and intercede for his finances and the place his team was going to! We really felt a greater peace and faith to hear God speak and give us words of encouragement from the scriptures.

By the start if the morning, the DTS teams were split up and ready for some friendly competition! We did dashes and dodges and sports and water games. The fun was unending! Though our “spring” team didn’t cut it to the top in most of the games, it couldn’t stop us from bringing it!

The day continued with Akita and dances that we have practiced as a team before hand for each other. There were grand cheers of joy and astonishment towards the night till we counted down the seconds to Jesus’ birthday. Christmas exchange happened quite quickly in our room of droopy eyes after the dance party of joy.

Happy Birthday Jesus!! I really am grateful beyond words that can express, how much Your light has brought eternal light in this darkness; for all to see and be drawn near to it; to be set aflame by Your love and sent out also to be lights in the darkness.

You are

And always will be

Prayer requests:

– I’m feeling a little sick so a quick prayer of God’s healing touch and protection to be upon me during this time would be greatly appreciated!

– pray that peace and joy and life be given greatly during this time towards those who have forgotten what this festive season really means! Because it was on this day, that the prince of peace was birthed in this earth!

And I pray that God will bless and fulfill your life, by revealing more of HS love and faithfulness right now. To whoever reading this, I thank you and wish you a very merry Christmas!

Much love from India!!