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INDIA182: Day 166!



INDIA182: Day 165!


INDIA182: Day 164 debrief. . .

The days were counting down to my departure from Dharamshala. I looked at my calendar and frowned at the lack of weeks I had left in India. But that only meant I had to have no regrets here of what I could have done!

A few days ago, upon my arrival to Dharamshala, I was able to connect with the leader of the base here and schedule a time to meet up! And as you should have guessed it by now, was today!

From the lack of hours I had last night, I had a rushed morning getting ready for the meeting. The leader dropped by at 10:30am as we had agreed and took me down to the city of Dharamshala. We picked a nice cafe with great food and coffee. It was cheap too!

For about 2 hours, we spent the time chatting about my testimony, his testimony, and the cities testimony. I was so encouraged of this man’s faith and heart to come here 7 years ago to plant a base; experiencing God’s faithfulness through preparing a place for him right as he arrived!

The more he spoke of this city and how God has promised him a revival that would not only spread from this city to the country but all around the world, the more I could feel this man’s wonderful heart! And this was totally possible with 100,000 people from all around the world coming to this place every year!

A splendid chat, spent well with good information and great heart!
While we were still in the city, the leader offered to take me to the Dalai Lama’s residency. This place is one of the reasons why many tourists come to this place! With the increasing number of new age people, I could see why so many have come to this place.

After the the visit and prayer walk around the place, I decided to head back to the village by hiking back. The hike was tremendous! Though some parts left me huffing and puffing, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the view and sites to gaze at along the way! An hour and a half hike well spent! Jesus! You strengthen me!

Prayer requests:

– please pray that God will give me energy and strength for tomorrow’s hike up to another village. Apparently this hike will take about 4 hours there and back. I had really felt a stirring in my spirit when the leader had talked about this place!

– pray for tomorrow’s meeting with another wonderful man I was recommended to meet in Dehradun! May our meeting be blessed with joy!

Quote from leader in Dharamshala:
‘This place is not a playground. If they don’t see Christ in you, then you’ll just be teaching more religion, and they have enough of it over here.’

9 people groups
– Tibetans
– Spiritual Seekers (new age. . .etc.)
– mountain villagers (ex: village of Naddi)
– Nepalese
– Muslims
– Slum
– Gaudi (local people group)
– University students (identity crisis; caught between globalized influence and parental/last generation influence.)
– Army Bunker (rest and equipment)

Great diversity out of 100,000 people.

– Hinduism (main god: Shiva. Representing: lust, drunkenness, and anger.)
– Buddhism (Lamaism) more occult like and with ‘powers’

There is also a lot of witchcraft in the local villages. (Almost more than one in each area.)

A lot of fear brought in the villages caused by the Hindu priests. If they didn’t worship these gods.
Result: people would do whatever the witchdoctors, ‘astrologists’, and Hindu priests said.

Please pray according to your discernment. May God’ love be shown towards all these people!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 163 debrief. . .


Today’s another amazing day which God has brought forth through His grace! The more and more I walk with Him, the more He leads me to understanding what His grace is. And the complete rest that comes with clinging to Him and trusting Him. His love is truly better than all the world can give!

The warmth of God’s love was the first thing that I felt when I woke. The suspense of knowing that a new season stood ahead of me as we all step into this new year was giving such excitement when I woke.

Again, God woke me up with His radiance and passion as life was bustling about already, as I stepped out into the sun again. And Your faithfulness is like the dawn.

I needed to worship God. It wasn’t even a question whether I should or not. I wanted to praise God at that moment from the second of opening the door and having love rush in. It was glorious!

I took my time hiking to the base. God had really taken me to a wilderness but continued to remind me of His presence through it all.

I arrived with a grand welcome again from the staff and French team. As part of the team had already gone down to the city (which is normally an hour hike) I stayed and played music with a few others. They were waiting for a prayer walk that was happening later, which I happily joined to spread my horizon of this place!

We set off hiking towards this Tibetan monastery; praying and asking Jesus to speak to us along the way. As I had noticed again, there were a lot of colorful flags set up as prayers waiting to be answered. God again reminded me of His grace and I immediately released those prayers to God that have been held there, so He could reveal Himself to them.

I immediately noticed the zeal and compassion of the French team that was doing this prayer walk. I could see them captivated by God’ heart for these people. We stood and looked over the monastery, waiting for more of God’s grace, more of His light, more of God’s forgiveness to be poured forth on this place.

God has reminded me that He is the same wherever I go whether I feel it or not. Thank you Jesus for increasing my faith and reminding me of who You are.

After the hike to the Tibetan monastery, we headed back to a staff base and discussed a bit of what God had spoken to us about. It was really encouraging to see us all getting words for the place which matched up piece by piece.

The rest of the French team and the staff have been getting ready for the New Years celebration as we arrived back. There were promises of good food, good movie, good dance party, and good fun. I didn’t doubt it one bit.

Right after an amazing dinner, we set up the ‘green’ room for the much anticipated movie: Sherlock Holmes 2! YEA BOI!
And of course, that could not end the night. All of us were bubbling with energy, and how else could we loose this energy, than some more sugary snacks + dance party! Yes, Jesus. He was definitely dancing with us.
The dancing slowed down with salsa and we jumped back to the ‘green’ room to give the rest of the year to Jesus! Worship till 12!

We ended with a ‘yes, Lord!’ to the new year. What an epic unforgettable way to end 2012 and come into a new season with Jesus! Partying, feasting, dancing, and worshipping on a mountain with lovely lovely people. Priceless.

And it a few of us had a little of energy left so we stayed up till 4am playing games and trying to watch another movie?


May this new season bring you greater joy, hope, and preparation for what’s to come!

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

Prayer requests:

– just a greater trust in the Lord this new season! And probably some good rest for tonight!

– a greater passion and zeal for the French team here! May they be more captivated by the love of God!! They’ve got something and are gonna be used by God greatly through it! May the grace of God be ever over their lives!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 162 debrief. . .

Today was an early start.

The bus ride was a quick experience and I didn’t remember much from the constant state of sleep I was in.
The bus came to a halt on the last bus stop planted in slanted slope.
I have arrived in the mountains. The shrill chill that welcomed me as soon as I stepped out of the bus gave me a slight shutter in my prepared layers of clothing.

It was 5am. I was texted by my host to give her a call/text when I arrived. She was such a champion to suggest such an offer of hospitality; A hospitality, I had already tasted in Dehradun with her mother, Esther, so I could already see the resemblance of heart they both shared.

I took a taxi up the winding slopes where my wonderful host, Aradhana, was waiting for me. I could see that she was still stumbling about in her consciousness so our chat was brief. She showed me to the guest house, and that was the morning.

I awoke again with the sun seeping through the curtain and settled to myself that I would not let this day go to waste.

Since both of us did not have lunch, Aradhana and I decided to head to a restaurant nearby to grab some grub for our grumbling stomachs. I also will not fail to mention the magnificent glory of the Lord, through His creation, that towered around me.

I have been truly flabbergasted with such a privilege and love, to be able to see such beauty.

After our lunch and friendly get-to-know-each-other chat, I was automatically lured to venture about this village. It was a start of many more hikes to come, as I trekked around in awe of God’s glory!! Jesus!

I got a little lost here and there but found my way back to my homey guest house where Aradhana was hosting a few girls in a team from France that have come to do outreach here in Dharamshala.

We immediately clicked and added each other, in our ‘heartbook’ as ‘friends’, though we all were internationally diverse.

And I was invited to watch the Avengers. What better way of expressing love than that?

After chatting over a cup of chai, in an apartment built on a mountain, over looking other mountains, in the shadow of the Himalayan mountains, I was done for.

Later that night, I got to meet up with the rest of the team, whom I have fallen deeply in love with. It seemed like we had known each other for ages! It was reunited reunion, of some sort; with hugs and laughs over some good Indian food and a movie to end the night.

I really like this place this already.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for a continued renewing strength that God has given since my arrival here!

– may I continue to rest in the Lord and trust in whatever He had for me here; knowing that my obedience in action takes a greater effect than I could ever imagine or see!

– NYE is tomorrow! (New Years Eve) I do pray for a blessed one for all of you as a new season with God approaches! I’m excited for you!!

Much love from India!!