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INDIA182: Day 118 + debrief!

Theme of today: full day train ride with Jesus and new found train buddy!!

Nothing much to report today!

I arrived safely to the train station with Roko! God bless him for coming with me so early in the morning! I got to rest a bit in the train for a couple of hours with not many people in my berth at all surprisingly! After that, some people started coming in. I was just enjoying my time with Jesus and listening to some podcasts most of the ride. I of course made some more friends on the train ride as people went and left. I was, towards the end, just talking to this guy that was leaving at the same place as I was. He was a really smart man that was really into concepts of religion and culture and what was going on in the real world today! Sooo I spoke to him about that and sowed little seeds of what the main focus in relationship and eventually relationship with Jesus!
It was really good to connect with this guy that had certain questions about life including his religion!

I arrived at around 10:30pm. Got to the base safely. Praise the Lord! And now going to sleep! Good day with Jesus!!

Prayer requests: may my time with the base leader tomorrow be filled with connections as I am super excited to speak to this guy that has been recommended to me in communications and such! Also pray that the northeast will continue to be changed and awakened in their authority and identity in Christ!
Amen! Let it be!

Much love from India!!



INDIA182: Day 117 debrief. . .


My last full day in Nagaland!! The land of the giant ants and people that look like me, I will truly miss you so!!
The day was pretty much set up. The day before, Supong had gotten me ready for the full day with him for worship and intercession in the different locations around the city. Supong was such a champion as he came to the base with this amazing motorbike to take us around in, with the advantage of avoiding the traffic.

We set off pretty early as Supong brought me to almost all of the temples and strongholds in the area for me to pray for and declare Jesus’ reign in that area. It was really encouraging to see Supong’s heart for this place to be reached and touched by the Holy Spirit. He also explained how much Dimapur did not have all Christian people in it as people would assume; and most of the ‘Christians’ that call themselves that are not really in an intimate relationship with God.

The main area of where he was taking me had no churches at all. This area was the place where the train station was located and all different people from different parts of India would come and settle. It was a complete change on atmosphere to the rest of what I have seen in Dimapur, Nagaland.

After our trip around the city, Supong invited me to his house for dinner. I spent the remainder of the day at his house spending time with his kids and encouraging the son to continue pursuing his dreams, whatever they may be! I had a really good time that night just bonding with the family for the final night and thanking them for all of their hospitality. It was really a blessing to see their family so close and their children so learned in the Lord! I seriously can’t wait to see what dreams God has for these children!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the base of Dimapur to come to greater fruit in staff and support, as they are already praying for the coming DTS; that God will show Himself to these students and bring them closer to Him!
Also please pray for the city of Dimapur to wake up and see Jesus, the light of the world, when He awakens them to discover His desire for relationship rather than rituals!! Jesus You are good! Thank for such a wonderful week full of Your faithfulness and goodness! I trust that You will take the many prayers for this place and answer them in Your time!
And finally, please pray for my rest tonight as I will have to catch the train at around 5am so I’ll have to wake up at around 3:45am. May I sleep in God presence tonight and be filled with strength tomorrow to see what else God has for me in this new area He is taking me!!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 116 debrief. . .

I had the most lovely sleep last night! Thank You Jesus! And for everyone else, it was very good as well! I awakened with a great vigor (2nd time I’ve used that word) in the early morning of 6am. We set out to clean and sweep up the base before Loren and Darlene would arrive. It was pretty funny to see everyone so anxious to have the founders of Ywam to arrive. We made sure every leaf was in their place, every stone, every ant! Hahaha it was good to see the staff work to hard.

Loren and Darlene’s arrival was like a dream. They came, they saw, the chatted and prayed, and left. It was such an honor to be able to see their hearts in blessings this place of Nagaland. What was unexpected was my chat with Darlene. She excited skipped up to me and with a wonderful smile talked to me and gave me advice for this vision that I had with connections though there was already something similar to that in Ywam. She really wanted to connect me and pray for me through my confusion. It was a really great chat and relief which showed me God’s faithfulness and love. I really wish I would have had more time to chat with them! But there’s always next time!

After Loren and Darlene’s visit, Roko and I took Akaba(base leader’s son) out for evangelism because the day was still young! We headed out to a couple of village houses nearby whom Roko had been keeping in contact and disciple with. (It was so inspiring to see him doing this by himself everyday at an age of 18!)
We got to mainly talk to the families and ask them how they were and what we could pray for. Akaba was amazing in the prayers that he prayed out. It was great to see a passion growing in Akaba during the evangelism as well! By the end of the afternoon, we decided to head back to base and thank God for His goodness and strength that He provided us the whole day! It was really good to see Akaba pretty excited as well to have joined us!

We had a night music jam together, played a game of chess, celebrated a birthday with a girl staff. And that was the day! A long day but an amazing one!! Praise Jesus!

Prayer requests:
Please pray for the base leaders and the staff to find rest tonight from the busy busy schedule they have had the past weekend preparing for Loren and all the events.
Also pray that I will be set afresh for tomorrow’s worship and intercession for the high places and strongholds in Dimapur tomorrow as Supong takes me around tomorrow starting in the morning.
Thank you guys again for continuing to be faithful and reading this! I really am grateful for your time spent to intercede for me and pray for me! Sorry if the updates and debriefs aren’t coming exactly on set to each day! You guys are amazing!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 115 debrief. . .

We woke up in a sweat from a call from Supong telling us that we were suppose to come to this certain church in the morning.
We only got the memo in being ushers in the church in the afternoon BUT it was alright cuz we had about an hour to freshen up, get in a car, and head to this baptist church called DABA.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a baptist church. I grew up in a baptist church but it was never this conservative. People rose like they were machines when they were supposed to and sat when they were suppose to. But other than that, the service was quite good! I’d say one of the highlights of it was this youth quartet that got up to sing and they were phenomenal! Loren also gave a great talk about Jesus being the main importance and how He is found in every book in the word; that the knowledge of Him cover the earth like water cover the seas.

After the wonnnndeerrful service, we headed out to the back of the church and chewed on some mo mo’s (Northeast dumplings) as pastors came to talk to Loren and we got to chat with new faces. It was during this time that my fake identity of being from Nagaland was being revealed! Oh no! Haha

After the morning service, and a short break back at the base, we sped off again in the afternoon for another service at a church that Loren was speaking at.

Oh yes, before that, I would have to mention that the staff and I were treated with ice cream by our beloved Anino whom has been driving us all around town today! A special thanks to her!

So we arrived at the church; Wandered around a bit because an earlier service was still going, got to play with a few puppies in the back next to an owl in a cage. You know, normal stuff. Haha

The worship of the service was a lot more Protestant than the earlier service this morning, though the people were still stiff and stone-like.
It was a issue that was bothering me but I know that Jesus could bring life to these traditions that the people have known for so long. Jesus, I trust in You for these people!

The church was packed and still as Loren spoke a powerful message of one of the best news I’ve heard!! Loren talked about the current age of internet evangelism! And the high potential of the whole world being able to hear the gospel by the year of 2020! Yes Jesus!!

By the time of the people in the church had started to disperse, I got a few contacts of a few key leaders and headed to the dining hall of the church to find Loren and Darlene asking me where I was from! Haha my identity as a fake ‘Naga’ was revealed as I told them I was from Texas and Loren told me his father had grown up there. It was a little chat but it was good to be able to connect somewhat with the founders!

Praise the Lord for the amazing news that Loren brought to the Nagas of Nagaland and also to me!
What a good night of connecting with people here along with having good food with good friends that seems I’ve known for a long time.

Prayer requests!

Please pray that God will continue to rock this land of Nagaland with discipleship and a desire for an intimate relationship with God! May He awaken those that have been sleeping and may He bring this state alive and hungry for His extravagant love!
Also pray for Loren and Darlene’s last day in Nagaland tomorrow as they come to visit the base before they fly out. May they find rest and joy and peace on their journey back home knowing that they have done what You have willed for them to do!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 114 debrief. . .


Theme for today!! Loren Cunningham’s big pick up!

At the start of the day, we did some work duties, had final chats with Ben and Heather and got ready for Loren Cunningham’s arrival!! YAYYY!!! To our disappointment, we found out that Loren’s flight was delayed. So we sat around and chatted some more with each other for 2 more hours.

During this time though, I got to connect with this girl named, Anino. I got to encourage her through sharing my vision for India and also connecting with her through her passion for the media. She got really excited when she heard that I was heading up to north India pretty soon and told me to connect with some of her Ywam friends there in Jaipur.

FINALLY!! The anticipated time has come! We received word that Loren Cunningham was near arrival and immediately sped to the airport which was seriously not that far away. Haha as the time arrived, we held our breath as a striking figure came out in view: it was our beloved founder Loren Cunningham with his wife Darlene Cunningham! The whole airport which was almost 50-60% ywamers were filled with joy! The kind faces that I had seen pictures of on the back of 3 amazing books I have read was in front of me! Praise the Lord! Roko was shaking in his tribal dress by the way but I assured him that he made a good welcome. Haha
The founders were pretty tired after their conference in Dehli and the airplane ride, so after a few hellos, some group pictures, they hopped in a jeep to the hotel booked for them.

And that was the day.
There was of course the lighthouse that afternoon which is a prayer request needed for these children to trust in God and themselves in their studies; they should find out that having their friends do their homework will not help them in the long run.

Prayer requests:
Please pray that these next days will be guided by the Holy Spirit as Nagaland gets some good news from Loren Cunningham we can get more of an understanding of questions that we’ve had this season! Also pray for Loren Cunningham’s health as he is recovering from a fever/cold; may the Lord give him strength and fill him with rest from the last months of his traveling around!

Much love in India!!

INDIA182: Day 113 debrief. . .

Theme for today!
Intercession time with the staff for Nagaland + story time with Ben & Heather!

We woke up pretty early to get everything prepared for the regional directors for this area to get here. In the morning, the staff and I gathered together for intercession time. We prayed for the ministry here, lighthouse, the upcoming DTS to be a youth that would be captivated by God’s love, and also to speak out our fears so that the Lord would be able to refine us more and more in just fearing Him alone. It was a wonderful time with Jesus as the Holy Spirit came and gave us a refreshing in the spirit.

After our rushed time gulping down our lunch. We set up everything by 11:30 in expectancy for the leaders to arrive.

It turned to 2:30, and we were waiting. During that time, I just got to ingest more wisdom and knowledge from God through reading a cool book!

Roko and I were sorta expecting to be able to go out and do some evangelism in a near by college. The restriction was the unknown time when the leaders were going to be arriving so we had to stay in today because we wanted to give them a good welcome!

The wait was worth it! Supong and the regional directors arrived along with two leaders that I met in Guwahati! They were apparently in for the meeting with Loren Cunningham as well! It was good that night to have a good chat with familiar faces along with unfamiliar faces. I seriously love connecting with people and relationships! Jesus is so good!!

That night, we had a dinner with Ben and Heather! It was a revelational time as they told us their story of God calling them to go over a mountain to reach another tribe in Nepal that had never heard about Jesus! The story was so amazing as God showed them His faithfulness through their obedience. Now this couple that was from Europe has lived in India for such a long time, working with the people and seeing God work through their specific prayers in their land. It’s crazy to see what their doing!!

Prayer requests!

Please pray for Loren Cunningham as he has a slight fever and cold from his travels. Pray that he will be healed in Jesus name as he travels here with a vision to share to the nagas!
Please also pray for my discernment in the Lord’s leading voice as I step into another move soon to a new place but still praying about where! His will be done! May I be ever obedient to His every whisperings to me.

Much love from India!!