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INDIA182: Day 179 debrief. . .


Theme of the Day! KITE DAY/ last day in Jaipur.

Gage and I woke up at the same time with a boom box blasting music near the window. Today was the day. My last day in Jaipur, yet the best day that I’ll have here if I pull it off!

I pushed myself off the bed to a lazy start. Most of the Martins’ family had already awoken and were getting things set up for the Kite Day. Kites were already blazing around in the sky as I made it to the terrace. It was like colorful jellyfish swimming around in the sky. I got my self a cup of coffee, sat on the terrace for a bit, looking out at the wonderful city full of music, kites, and joy.

Now these kites were not any kind of kites. They were definitely the kind of kites that I used to fly around when I was a kid. They had a special way to get them out of the ground, because of the lack of running space on the roofs. But other than the special way of flying these kites, these kites weren’t just for flying and looking pretty. These kites were used for cutting down other kites. In Jaipur, they would use this special glass string for the kites so they could be able to cut down other kites up in the air! These strings were not to be handled too lightly, because they would slice your fingers up if you didn’t have tape or gloves to use them! Haha So whenever there would be a kite sliced down, there would be screams and whoops of joy at the victory of another kite cut.

Most of the afternoon was relaxed and set up with food; glorious food! We filled ourselves up with snacks and samosas and puffs! AH! So good!

Later that night, Gage and I headed for a last skate mob. It was really a night to remember. We had the greatest crowd of auto rickshaw drivers talking to us, and asking us to help them on the skate board, and taking pictures of us skating. But all that was fun and dandy till an auto rickshaw driver invited to bring us back home for free! Not really thinking, we immediately accepted it and thought, ‘what could go wrong!’

I won’t go into much details but it was one of the weirdest nights I’ve had in India! Haha A little brief summary would include a textile place in an alley way, Gage being called a sexy man, random sensual things that were randomly questioned to us, and feeling like we were dealing with someone from the mafia.

We eventually made it back as the auto rickshaw driver had promised us.

And to finish it off, an amazing dinner over a campfire.

Thank you Jesus for Your protection and faithfulness, even when we’re acting stupid and not thinking where we are heading into! Haha Tomorrow, I take a bus to Agra for a day just to see the Taj Mahal and of course see what else or who else God brings me to!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for God’s leading hand to be with me as I have no idea what is planned for tomorrow in Agra (except the Taj Mahal)

– May God’s will be done these last days of the journey!!

Jaipur, thank you so so much for all of your love and hospitality and joy! These few days of memories will not be easily forgotten!

Much love from India!!



INDIA182: Day 179!


INDIA182: Day 178 debrief. . .


Asl;dfkjaslkfj as;ldkfjas; ldfkja;sldkfjas;dlfk PRIASE THE LORD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS TILL THIS POINT AND ONWARDS!!

Thinking about it now, it still seems so surreal that I’ve almost made it for 6 months in India and the torn feeling of the excitement to see my family and looking to the places I’ve been and seeing how much more needs to be done. I’ll be back India! Very very soon!!

So on this lovely Sunday in the city of Jaipur, India, the Martins’ family, Gage, and I set out for church. Both of the girls were still dead in sleep from the jetlag and lack of sleep on the plane, so we didn’t bother them.

Simon took us to an Anglican church with stain glass windows and well dressed people, while Gage and I came in with the only close-to-fancy clothes we had: jeans and a buttoned up shirt. Haha

After the service, all of the congregation went out to have a good cup of chai and chatted in the courtyard. Simon filled me in on who every one was and his connection with the church and leaders. As we got back home, the girls were awake and partially confused on where we were in the morning. Haha Since the girls haven’t really gone anywhere in the city, the boys and I invited them to come to the park with us while we venture on our 3rd day of skating!

It was a wonderful day to head out and take a stroll. The weather was perfect and the sun was just starting to set as arrived to the park. I quietly prayed for these peeps that were with me and the season they were stepping into with Jesus. It was great to just be out there with them; enjoying the end of the day.

And of course there was a movie night to totally wear us out. BUT no one would mind because it’s BATMAN!

Tomorrow. Kite Day. Too legit to quit.

Prayer Requests:

– please continue praying for the students that have come for this DTS to be filled with the love of God and shown what He has in store for them! May Your rain come down and refresh them Lord!

– May tomorrow be filled with joy and amazingness as it will be my last in Jaipur!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 177 + debrief!


Theme of the Day! 2nd day of skateboarding ministry with the boys. + 2 new arrivals of students! YAY.


Much of today was preparation for the DTS through cleaning some rooms that 2 girls were going to stay in and helping in on some cooking with Anima, whom makes home-made bread every day; and has been trying to tempt me into staffing through treats and things haha


Starting from my second day here, it has been constant movies every night! WHOO! Haha And so our nights would end at around 11-12am, with a good sleep on the way.


We came, we saw, we skated.


The girls arrived later that night, dozed and tired. One is from Kolkata and the other is from America. And that’s all I know so far!


Prayer Requests:


– please pray that the Lord starts preparing these students for a 6 months journey with Him which personally transformed my life! May the Lord not hold back on His revelations and love and passion for these students that have not been brought here by chance!

– Also continue praying for the city here to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as walls of generational curses fall right now, from the Light of the world being shown in every corner!


Much love from India!!20130114-112613.jpg

INDIA182: Day 176 + debrief!

Theme of the day: 1st day, out of many days of skateboarding with the boys: MINISTRY THROUGH SKATEBOARDING + good food & company!

Today, I got know about Gage. He and I had a little chat the night before, but we were both really tired to remember much of what we said. Haha So all I knew about him till then was that he was American (the most important part haha), it was his first time flying over to Asia, and he was a cool guy.

I again accepted the chilled/relaxed atmosphere of the place and woke up with a good sleep, and a good cup of coffee. Simon, Gage, and I just started brainstorming ideas and all came up with starting a skateboarding park to attracted youth and bring Jesus!

All this talk about skateboarding brought me back to my days of skateboarding/longboarding down the streets of Perth, Australia. And since Simon’s sons had received skateboards from Australia, we couldn’t help but head out and make fools of ourselves on the Indian streets!

Oh yes! Before I forget, Simon’s family had staffed in Perth, Australia YWAM as well; But long before I was there. Haha small world ay?

Anyways, our skateboarding mobs around the streets brought much attention and curiosity of what these wooden boards with wheels were! Many of the kids were looking and asking questions and some even got the courage to step on for a spin.

And by the time we arrived back to the base, the sun was setting and the day had gone. Not a waste at all with good food, good friends and a good time!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for the youth here in this area to have a good image of who Jesus is, through our actions and expressions of love!

– Also pray for greater doors to open in this skateboarding ministry that be a bridge to connect with this lost and hungry-for-the-truth generation!

I hope you all are doing well and loving the new year of faithfulness, joy, and peace from the Lord! Thank you so so much for all the prayers. There’s not a prayer that He’s not heard from His children for His children!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 175 + debrief!

After the long travels and hectic three days in Delhi, I took my time to get out of bed.

I was greeted with a warm cup of coffee as I finally arrived upstairs. The day before, I got to experience Anima’s home grown vegetables. She would grow out outside in the terrace. They had a huge area that just looked over the city! BEAUTIFUL.

Being focused in the media, I got to help out with the eldest son, Abhishek with some graphics and IT things. It was really impressive how he was in a TV broadcasting graphics designer before he went to Kona to do a DTS. The other son also was like the next Shakespeare. I am yet to read his series that he’s working on though but am truly excited.

One of the atmospheres that I had quickly grown to love, was the chilled/relaxed state we were all in, at the base. But so much fun would happen, it seemed like the day would slip away unnoticed, until my head hit the pillow.

Sometime in the afternoon, I got meet up with Gage; the first student for the upcoming media DTS. There wasn’t much conversation for the first few hours because of the major impression of jetlag that covered his face. Haha

I didn’t have much time left after the brief introductions to connect with Gage, because Rakesh was right on time to pick me up. We set off on a motorcycle that Rakesh borrowed from the pastor he was staying with. I, for some reason, had a slight nervousness with Rakesh riding the bike and looking back at me when he was trying to talk to me. Haha But, praise the Lord, we arrived to the pastor’s house unscathed.

The remainder of the night consisted of endless chats with Rakesh, blocking things that were thrown at me by the pastor’s naughty son, and amazing food with the whole family. Rakesh had explained earlier, that the pastor is a good friend and a student buddy of his, while they were studying in theology. Now, he comes to visit the pastor every month or so to see them. And the pastor also got to explain about the orphanage he was building this area, a little outside the city of Jaipur, to build greater relationship with the villagers and people!

By the end of the night, I had got to pray for their ministries and bless their children in what was to come in their lives!

Prayer Requests:

– please pray for pastor Timothy here in Jaipur to receive greater wisdom and discernment in this coming up orphanage ministry.

– Also pray for Rakesh’s ministry, and he would be shown greater faithfulness and fruit, as he continues to prepare for what God has called him to do!

Much love from India!!20130114-105803.jpg

INDIA182: Day 174 debrief. . .

My day started with a shrill scream from my alarm. It was 6am. I had my bags packed the night before and just had to throw on a few jackets before heading out.

Not much of the bus ride to Jaipur was remembered. We had a quick stop in a dahba (restaurants on the side of the road) for some breakfast and then we were off again. I have discovered that I have a tendency to get dozy in moving vehicles. (Not if I’m driving though, don’t worry) haha

Anyways! The 4 hour journey there seemed a short one. I was greeted by towering walls that stood on the tip of these hills (I truthfully thought of the Great Wall of China when I first saw them) and many colorful kites blowing in the wind. Transportation to the base was a little tough, BUT God came through! After arriving to the bus stop, Simon (the base leader) told me that a taxi driver he knew was around the same location I was in. So I took a quick walk down a tourist location called the amber fort which was an enormous castle that used to contain one of the mugal kings that had reigned over this area and most of north India, before the British had come over and conquered these parts.

The taxi driver was currently in that location, because he was taking care of a tourist couple from the UK. So this delay gave me a little more time to rest in the car and stretch my legs, before they had come back from the amber fort. What I had found out about this couple, was that they had been traveling around the world for more than a year! They had traveled from the north of Africa down and just arrived in India about a month ago AND were planning to head over to Thailand to finish off the trip! We had a blast in the taxi talking about the different places we’ve been and the experience we all had! It was so cool to see this couple traveling so much, for so long, and still excited to see what was next.

After we had dropped the couple back to the hotel, I arrived to the base! YES!

Out walked a well built man that did look like an Indian. So this was Simon! I immediately asked him whether he was from Tonga or somewhere in the islands but surprising found out that he was full Indian! This is crazy! I had never seen such a well-built Indian! Haha

Simon’s family lived on the roof of this apartment flat where the base/classrooms/bunks were a floor below. After dropping my bags in the guest room, I got meet the rest of the family. Simon has three sons. 2 of them were there while the middle one was doing a dts else where. His wife, Anima, was from Mongolia and we immediately clicked like mother and son. Haha As I strolled about the house and chatted with the family, I felt so at home! As I had discovered, they were planning to start a media DTS here. I had discovered this, because of the pressured question of whether I like to staff for it when I first arrived! I politely declined and laughed at the fact that the DTS was starting in a week with the first student arriving tomorrow! But through it all, I was really glad to be there.

And guess what!? Do you remember a guy named Rakesh from the Goa DTS? Wanting to be able to meet up with me again, he traveled to Jaipur to see me! I felt so honored and excited to sneak up on him that evening as we went out to grab some good Indian food! He chatted and chatted and chatted; updating each other with our ministries and our families and what had been happening since 5 months ago. It’s really been that long! And towards the end of the night, we set up the next evening to meet up again! Tonight was a blast from the past as the early days in India seemed so far away, yet Rakesh and I just simply picked up where we last saw each other! Haha

A little reunion with a great friend in a wonderful place! THANK YOU JESUS!

Prayer Requests:

City of Jaipur

A big tourist destination

Disunity in the churches: Derived from the past kings that have ruled in this place and fought over land and reign.

Very strong Hindu state, ruled by kings for many years; Last area to be captured by the British. Hindu kings ruled with a lot of authority

Result: A lot of abuse towards the common people; many wars, violence, murders/killings which is a spirit in certain areas of Jaipur.

There is a dominant spirit. Higher class ruling over the lesser people and looking down on them.

Atmosphere: Greed, lust for wealth, selfishness, anger, pride, and disunity.

Anger and pride is also shown a lot in the ‘warrior caste’ (Rajputs)

65% of the people here will not put their money in the bank.

Women are much oppressed here. There are children marriages that still happen here, though it’s illegal. Many killings of girl babies in this area, mostly from abortions because of the view on girls: not carrying on the family name, having to pay for a lot in marriages. . etc. In some villages here, there are no girls at all.

Please pray according to your discretion.

– May the Lord be shown more and more as He brings forth radical followers of Jesus here in this place!

– May the Lord’s light shine greater in this area of disunity and mistrust! May the people that know Him here be the bridge and start of who Jesus is!

Much love from India!!