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INDIA182: Day 84 debrief. . .

My last day in J-town. Vimal had given me a suggestion in whether i would prefer coming with him to Hyderabad tonight so he can send me off on the train or to stay an extra day on Friday and take a train from there. I had a lot to update and transfer through wifi so I decided to take the trip with Vimal tonight.

It was a very difficult decision because that would mean I would have one less day with the kids at the school. It was also a very very busy day because of the full day shoot for the ministry promo.

We interviewed a pastor about the links of pastors behind Vimal to start off the morning. Then we immediately headed to the school to interview a child and his story behind coming in this school ministry. It was really shocking to see how much the kids don’t want to go back home due to the abusive family or frustrated situation.

Afterwards, I got to give my final goodbyes to the kids who I am really proud to have seen such growth in such a short time! Praise the Lord! I had to tear my self from the fierce hugs and tugs, because of the lack of time, and I departed from the lovely school that will impact thousands.

Good news: we got to finish the shoot, thank you Jesus! It was a wonderful day full of wonderful scenes where I got to take.

Please pray for the memory on my phone because it is running low and I need to transfer the photos through wifi to my Mac at home. So may I have the capacity to take more photos till I can transfer these photos!! Also pray for my 20 hour train ride to Kolkata tomorrow as we are taking a bus to Hyderabad tonight! Hectic hectic hectic! God is good!!

Much love from India!!



INDIA182: Day 84!


INDIA182: Day 83 + debrief!!


Today is my final sessions with the kids and I have already seen such growth within this week in staying with them!

Through out the sessions, my main focus was to teach them about pronunciation. The student’s issue was not the problem of spelling but of reading and communication because, from what I’ve observed, there were no practicals in English that were given. So I gave them some practicals to do during the class in speaking English and trying to pronounce words that they haven’t learned yet.

Vimal (the crazy man) came back today from Hyderabad in a rush to get some papers filled for the school and also to get ready for the full day shoot tomorrow.

Please pray for the teachers at the school to continue applying what had been taught this week so to secure a greater foundation for the kids reading skills in the future!! Also pray for Vimal and I in strength for tomorrow’s shoot for the ministry’s promo.

Thank you guys for being so so patient in these debriefs!!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 81 & 82 debrief. . .

Back to the school ministry schedule:

Give an English session for an hour each for the 3 classes, give a teachers talk in the afternoon for English pronunciation, and worship/games & intercession time with the kids at night.

Also, some exciting news! I got to finish painting the room in the boys dormitory. Doing things like this really feels worth it at the end, seeing what the kids here have faced before being sent to this school because of abusive families or financial issues.

All of the boys here sleep in one room including the male staff which are about 16 in a fairly large room. They all sleep on the floor on mats; my heart broke for a little boy when he told me that he used to sleep on cardboard.

Please pray that great fruit will continue flowing into this ministry for the kids that are getting a greater foundation and greater opportunity. And may they really see God working in their lives at this young age. May the Lord touch these kids to be life changers in every sphere in society!

Much love from India!


INDIA182: Day 80 debrief. . .


My first Sunday in the village. Seems strange as it feels like I have been here so much longer. Vimal had assigned me with 2 churches to preach at in the village. Now thus just crazy in how I’m getting set up to preach in churches!

The first church welcomed me in to their humble abode with a congregation of 20 or so and a wonderful set up of half built walls on both sides to welcome in the slight morning breeze and natural sunlight. For the word from God, He has just been continuing to give me trust and rest in Him so I have continued to preach it and remind the villagers that their eternal life doesn’t start after death but starts now and God wants to show them that.

The most honoring and shocking thing that happened though was after the service. A mother with her 6 month old baby gave me the special honor to feed her baby solid food for the first time! (I have never heard of this special occasion at the 6 month mark for a baby but it is a big deal here). The funny scene happened when a little porridge first went in this joyful baby’s mouth. I could see on the face a clear disfavor from the first taste and I wondered at that moment whether my face was the same when I had my first spiritual solid food. Hah!

The second church was a more lively church whom the children of the school came to. So teaching an African worship song with a few dance moves was simple because half of the congregation already knew it! And in this service, I was fed instead feeding. Haha it was a young girl’s birthday and the custom was that the birthday person would feed the guest the cake! So I had the pleasure in having cake shoved in my mouth. Haha

Such a eventful day with so much learnt in customs and feedings!

Please pray for the husbands and fathers of this village as I have noticed many of the congregation are only consisted of women and children. May their pride and fear of rejection be broken as they find that their job and the money that they are making is nothing to their relationship with the faithful Provider. Also pray that the villagers will have a greater in trust in God; not from just coming to church and doing the right things. But would they realize the relationship behind the true definition of Christianity.

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 79 debrief. . .


In the morning, Vimal and I headed straight off towards the school which is always a lovely ride for me where I can bask in God’s creation and beauty and characteristics! Vimal is a crazy man. I don’t know how he even puts up with all the errands and responsibilities along with the new ministry at the school.

Please put in a quick prayer for him and his health and that he may realize that God doesn’t take pleasure in the strength of the horse nor the legs of a man but takes delight in those who fear Him who put their hope in His unfailing love!

We arrived in time to see the kids out of their classes and got to play cricket, soccer, and volleyball with them! I can really take in the value of such a ministry that would offer free education to these village kids; teaching them English and giving them so much more opportunity to open the door towards their dream and how it connects with God’s dream for them! Ahh!! It’s so so exciting to see what God has in store for these kids! There’s much work to do but there is definitely great amount of potential!

As the afternoon came to a close, Vimal had to run and take a bus towards Hyderabad to take care of some more errands along with a Skype conference with the organization (see, crazy man!) so I was left in this lovely school away from society. Later that night I was given the opportunity to teach the kids more worship songs and dance and games which they loved getting crazy for.

So my energy is spent and gone awaiting for God to come restore me for a new day with new fun and awesomeness!

Please pray for this school as there is a unseen restlessness around the area. The children, as I have observed and asked, have had problems sleeping which have included with bad dreams. I have been constantly praying for the rest and peace from Jesus to fall in this area for the kids to be refreshed to keep up with their studies. May His angels ever watch over this area. And may more of His presence be realized from the children as they have just started their relationship with Jesus when they joined the school! Jesus, You’re more faithful and fulfilling than any of us. Let Your presence be felt to break down fear and loneliness in these kids that miss their parents at times.

Much love from India!!