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INDIA182: Day 99 quick debrief!


As you can see from the picture above, this is currently my room bunking with 2 other northeast mates from the state of Assam and Nagaland. Haha there are a hoard of mosquitos waiting ever sneakingly for the night to come so they can have a blood sucking party on my bed. Haha

BUT God is good! Onen (the DTS leader of the base) had taken me to a convenient store so I could buy some powerful mosquito lotion!! Thank you Jesus!! (That is one of the questions I’ll have for Jesus when I meet Him face to face: Why did He create mosquitos?)

Thank you Jesus that I’ve arrived safely in this first city in the northeast! More debriefs to come!

Please pray for a good rest! I am excited for tomorrow!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 99!


INDIA182: Day 98 debrief. . .

Theme for today:
A surprise booked train ticket + train buddies that feed you a lot of food! Fun stuff.

So I woke up this morning smacked with an instant call from Yen that my train ticket is ready in 2 hours. I nearly choked on my saliva when I heard and quickly called Rajan to confirm it. He surprising also told me that he was bringing an outreach team over in about 45 mins! Haha
Yes. I panicked a bit but then regained my conscious self, quickly packed my bags, cleaned up the office I bit just in time for the Rajan to come knocking on my door.

It was a quick and hasty goodbye as I had to run and grab my train ticket but also get to the train station from there. Random side note: the outreach team was from China! And the leader of the team was based in Ywam Perth and knows this girl that I knew that did the school of frontier missions to China in Perth! What a small world!! Crazzyyyy!!

Anyhow, the new hellos, wow’s, byes, and ‘what just happened?’ occurred too fast for my pleasure.
BUT who else but Jesus to be faithful and true with a random taxi just sitting outside waiting so I could just jump in and head to my ticket booking location! Awesome! Haha

So with Kolkata behind me, but definitely not forgotten, I made it on time to the train station. Praise the Lord! (:
And of course to cheer me up, God prepared wonderful talkative train buddies that love sharing food with each other! Haha I first that I have seen in Indian train rides. Two lovely ladies, one calling me her ‘son’, told me to never forget them; also given my background information to all of the passengers nearby about me. Haha it was a refreshing end of the day in a train to a new place with new friends filling the atmosphere with laughs and smiles. The compartment clicked so quickly in a matter of an hour. I should definitely bring food with me to pass around every time I get on a train in India; sure brings people together; that and chai of course!

Please pray for these train buddies as the more I get closer to them and know who they are, the more I am compassionate in wanting them to know about Jesus! Please pray that this opportunity will arise and will bring forth the mentioning of Jesus!! They know my dad is a pastor so that’s a start!
Also pray for the rest of the train ride to be steady and in the hands of God to bring forth rest and peace to the passengers and me. NORTHEAST, HERE I COME!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 95, 96, & 97 debrief. . .(the big hump)

Though these last three days in Kolkata were not filled with exciting ministries, it didn’t mean that all those days had gone to waste! Besides the last 3 days being a big hump for this project, India182, I would clearly like to acknowledge your prayer and intercession for me which have got me to push past this front with the strength from God! Thank you so so much for all the emails and encouragements that have really lifted me up during this time to see hope and light from Jesus than being sucked in to all the chaos and need surrounding me.

During these three days, I have really taken a greater focus toward prayer walking around my area and towards all the strongholds that God had pointed out in the city. I quietly walked with Jesus praying for the things that He put in my heart which of course would hurt sometimes to feel the compassion and pain He would feel when He saw that.

I think this is the big hump for me; more than discerning God’s voice sometimes in this season through the valley.
It is seeing the powerful force of need and feeling it and wanting to help everyone and having to say no to someone on the street asking for money or just the outburst of blindness that have them worshiping idols and money.

But praise the Lord! He is faithful! Nothing is impossible, and the more need I see surrounding me, the more I am growing in my faith & belief, in that aspect, that He is! I know that the same Jesus that walked the earth, is the same one with the same heart for God’s people today! Jesus may your kingdom come Lord!

Other than the prayer walking throughout these three days, I had a lovely chat with Rajan about the upcoming vision that God has slowly grown my passion about! (More to come about this vision! Be patient guys! Haha)
He greatly encouraged the idea and told me that it would be wise to explain it to every Ywam leader that I would come in contact with so I could get a greater feedback and acknowledgment; along with some comments and suggestions. It was a great time to spend with Rajan and get to know more about him; though its been only 2 weeks, the relationship has grown radically! (: so good to know a good leader starting up a new season for Kolkata!

Prayer requests:
As I get ready and am super excited for the northeast, I cannot forget east India(mainly Kolkata) and its great need both physically and spiritually. It was really a big fight these last 2 weeks; something that has not discouraged me but pushed me to continue to persist in interceding for this city known as the city of joy. Yes, Jesus would they be joyful over you when they see that the things they have been looking for in satisfaction has been in front of them the whole time with open arms! Kolkata needs you Jesus! You know that and I trust You with this city to bring her back home where You have been waiting to drape her with the robe of righteousness in which Your glory will shine forth expressing this city a city free from sin and joy will be known again.

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 94 debrief. . .

I am so sorry for breaking the custom of a picture and debrief per day. I truthfully have no excuse for not putting these pictures up and debriefs. The only issue I would put out is the increased spiritual pressure from the Puja festival that was occurring while my stay was here.

Day 94:

Themes of the day: Nagaland church service + adventurous search for THE blue sky + wonderful stroll in Victoria memorial park.

A wonderful morning to start off the wonderful day! Praise the Lord! I was awakened earlier than usual by a call from Yen that the time for church had changed! Haha so I threw on some half-classy clothes, jumped in the van with Yen’s family, Miriam, & Yvette (the 2 Ywam girls that I met at the children’s ministry near to where I stay), and we sped off to the Nagaland church!

It, for some reason, seemed like I haven’t been to church in a while. I guess the last time I remembered was the church times in the village. Haha
the service was pleasant and formerly with a surprise visit from a talented missionary team that came down from Nagaland and sang for the church service. (The songs reminded me of Hawaii for some reason)

After the church service, we were of course invited to take the snacks prepared for us and chatted with a few of the church members on how the year was going for them and what they were looking for in the horizon. It just dawned on me that the Nagaland revival had only started about 120 years ago when they first came to know about Jesus! Now there are tons of Nagaland missionaries that I’ve come across my travels in India. It’s really great to see the hand of God continue to work steadily in not only opening eyes to see His kingdom now on earth but disciplining these nations towards a lifestyle of living with Jesus in the kingdom now!

Afterward the chattering and snacks had gone down, Miriam, Yvette, and I were left to fend for ourselves. Yvette was so looking forward to finding this restaurant near the church called Blue Sky. Apparently very popular and well know. And by the end of about an hour of searching and asking around, WE FOUND IT! Haha hallelujah!
And yes! The search was worth it because of the amazing cheap food. (And to also mention the amount of tourists that came to this place.) haha I truly haven’t seen so many foreigners in one place since I’ve come to India! It’s good. It reminds me more of Ywam.

So with our bellies full of Blue Sky goodness, we ended up taking a stroll towards Victoria memorial (supposedly a British government house during the time of its reign over India.) and now turned into a beautiful park and museum. From there, we picked a nice place on the grass and told each other about our testimonies as the sun set over this truly gorgeous park.

Wow. Beautiful day! Thank you Jesus!!

Prayer requests:
I have yet to see the lack of need in Kolkata where people and kids lined the streets sleeping or begging for money. Please pray for a greater breakthrough of visionaries and volunteers that may come and help shape the families in India which would turn into shaping the societies in India through God’s heart.

Much love from India!!