INDIA182: Day 181 debrief! ! !




Theme of the day: A divine meeting in the train cont. + prep prep prep + evening dinner with an unexpected party.

So as I had clued in, on the previous debrief, I had another divine appointment on the train! I was truly cold, relieved, tired, and happy to be finally heading back to Delhi! The couple had settled in next to me and the husband soon started asking me a few questions. We both had a common venture in seeing the Taj Mahal and also surprisingly both working towards ministries as well! I sort of forgot where the conversation went from there, but some how got to talking about Christianity and principles and salvation and aliens and random controversies! It literally happened through out the whole 4 hour train ride to Delhi. Time seemed to flash by; and with an addition input of my tiredness, I was safely in the host family’s house by no time.

I had also gotten the contacts of the couple that were travelling with me. Neel is from Scotland, and his wife is from Kalimpong, and they were inviting me for a prayer meeting with a Nepalese fellowship! Having nothing else planned for the day, I gratefully accepted!

For my rest, I got to sleep in some because of the late arrival the night before. I was greeted in the morning/afternoon by the family host inviting me to their church again for some lunch. There, I got to connect with some of the mercy ministry staff again! Many of them were asking where I’ve been or how my trip was to Jaipur. I also got to reunite with some of the kids I had made friends with earlier!

For the rest of the day, I had to get my itinerary printed, get some cash to pay off a few people that I had forgotten to pay accommodation for, and update this blog! Haha

Sorry for the uber late updates folks! I’ve caught up to speed and am on schedule!

You guys are champions and I have not given up the journey I’m suppose to finish with God!

Later that evening, I got a call from Neel again and got picked up towards his house. The fellowship consisted of 15-16 Nepalese and Northeasterns and Neel’s wife’s grandma and aunt, whom I had met the night before on the train! It was snug little meeting with prayers for each other, testimonies, sharing of truth, and of course: food!

For my last evening in India, I had never expected to be with a group of Nepalese and Northeasterners who I had just met, along with the host who I had just came to know the night before! But I didn’t mind it at all. I was again encouraged of the hope that lived in the houses/flats in these areas, in these districts, in these cities, in this country! It was a good night to end it off with these people from all different types of backgrounds, in all different types of jobs, and in different types of situations. BUT choosing to let that go to God and choosing to love Him here.

And here I am, typing this second to last debrief; not knowing what’s to come, but enjoying the ‘right now’ and loving it with Jesus.

Last debrief coming tomorrow.

Goodnight India.

Prayer Requests:

– Greater wisdom for Neel and his family. May he have more and more understanding of who God is and who he is in Him!

– The Nepalese fellowship to continue flourishing and growing in understanding how to love God in a daily basis; And that life/purpose/destiny is not about the destination BUT ABOUT THE JOURNEY!!!

– a good rest tonight in the presence of God and a surge of vigor to pump me up for the flight tomorrow!

– a safe and peaceful journey back to Singapore; with a family waiting eagerly for their son to come back home.

– a blessing and light to be implanted here in the capital of India. There will be true representatives of Your love rising up from this city and area!!

Much love from India!!



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