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INDIA182: Day 132 debrief. . .


Most of today’s focus was travel. I have to admit, but the travel wasn’t that comfortable. Because of the lack of space in the train, I ended up hugging my 20kg big mountain backpack in my sleep. It was quiet a squeeze but a few more hour till my arrival to South Varanasi, apparently one of the most spiritual cities in all of India. God, I trust in You. Please give me strength to face the next full day with energy!

Prayer requests:
-strength!! It will come! Thank you Jesus!!
-rest and peace
-awareness for what God wants to reveal to me the next day.

You guys are amazing! I love your heart for this journey of mine!! More updates to come!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 132!


INDIA182: Day 131 debrief. . .


Theme for today: worship and intercession at the largest Hindu temple in the area + mercy ministry visit

From the day before, I have really felt the spiritual weight have a little affect on me, as this morning was quite a struggle to wake up. But through God’s strength, I pushed forward towards the last locations of strongholds in the area.
It was great to see the atmospherical impact Kima and I made towards the areas we were in by just walking around and being a light in the darkness.

I couldn’t help but find an excitement from my tiredness to see what else God wanted to use me for today!
We arrived pretty early this morning in the temple to have as much time as we could to intercede for this place. As for the Hindu temples around the area, it was one of the largest and oldest.
We spent most of the time having prayer walks and releasing the Holy Spirit in the area which is so good!!
It was really an experience to walk into the inner temple which looked like a cathedral and read out scripture I pray in faith will remain etched in the walls of the place.

It was surprising to see that after prayer walking for this place, we had already spent the whole half of the day interceding for this place. We hurried over to the mercy ministry location with a friendly greet by the staff and a hoot from Kima’s dog.
We spent the remainder of the day talking to the staff and helping around the ministry which sub purpose is for housing widows that are rejected by society.

Prayer requests:
-please pray for the final stronghold which most of the Hindus of the area go to from fear of the god shiva. May the Light that we set aflame in that place continue to be a way for the lost to be found!
-also pray for the mercy ministry here: a greater amount of energy from God to continue providing for the widows, along with the evangelism they have everyday in the village their surrounded with!
-today is my last full day in Siliguri! Please pray that tomorrow’s travels will be smooth and efficient as the time grow short for the many places that I want to visit before my journey up this mountain with Jesus ends!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 130 debrief. . .


Jesus, You are the light of the world!! Thank You so so much for today and how much of a revelation You’ve given me of Your power and strength!

Jesus light did indeed shine in the worship and intercession places we went to. It was amazing to see how much the atmosphere can change by just 10-15min of God’s children going into an area and interceding for it!
Kima brought me to the administrative offices of the city. Immediately I felt a sense of corruption and greed in the area. As I did some prayer walking, the sense of injustice and unrighteousness was really heavy on my spirit and it didn’t go away until Kima and I talked about it and interceded on its behalf.

During my worship and intercession times, when there are usually more people, then I would take my iPhone and listen to some worship music while walking around the spiritual high place. But for today, God took the opportunity in me forgetting my iPhone to focus more on the spiritual atmosphere of the locations that Kima was taking me to. So sorry to let you guys down but there aren’t that many photos that will be up for today!

For the second location, Kima took me to a Buddhist monastery for some prayer and intercession. While we walked around the temple, Kima filled me in on the history of the place and what the different idols of Buddha and their beliefs. While walking around, I got a chance to walk up to the ledge leading up to the peak and pray for the place and the light of Jesus to shine forth in the place for those search so long for their path to enlightenment.

To end the day, we arrived at a Buddha temple where the Dalai Lama from Tibet would come once a year to summon spirits upon the earth.
The whole day, except for a little bit of the beginning, was a joy filled day know that our words were impacting the area and people that would enter and visit the place; knowing that the Holy Spirit was now dwelling in that area to bring God’s love!!

Prayer requests:
-pray for the areas of the strongholds that I just visited today and for the Holy Spirit to stay in that place as a light and a guide to lead people to Jesus.
-pray for strength for tomorrow as I will be heading to the remainder strongholds in the area for worship and intercession! Jesus, I love you!!

Much love in India!!

INDIA182: Day 129 debrief. . .


The commissioning time for the SOFM was so of God. For Sunday, Kima, Anan, and I started off towards the base to have worship and send off the SOFM students to where God has called them to go!
It was my first time be in a commissioning where I myself wasn’t the one being commissioned. The worship lifted our spirits with simple songs some in English and some in Hindi. During the meeting, I also go to meet two Americans who were part of the frontier missions here in Siliguri who I was planning to meet later in the week. It was great to have the early opportunity to connect with them and be able to see their heart for this city and nation. The wife of the American couple, Cindy, had a final teaching for the students, and also for us before got to lay hands and pray for them.
It really felt to good to see a group of students focused and ready to go out to see God’s kingdom be revealed more in where they’ve been called. Their was just so many prophetic words flying around the atmosphere as we prayed and asked God for what to speak in faith for these students.

By the end of the meeting, I had gotten a great chance to connect with more new faces, including a person from Varanasi where I my next destination was. And I also said my final goodbyes to the familiar faces from the SOFM heading out of Siliguri the next day or so.

And after my successful booking of the train ticket to Varansi, we headed back home and ended our day there; know that Kima and I had a long day for us tomorrow.

Prayer requests!!
-please pray for Kima (the Siliguri base leader) and I, as we will be heading to several locations to do some prayer walking, worship and intercession. Kima has generously agreed to take me around the area of Siliguri to show me the high places for the next couple of days!
-also please be praying for God’s grace and presence to be with us tomorrow and the next few days as we will be heading to dark places but with the light of the world in us!!

I’m excited!!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 128 debrief. . .


I was literally in this building the whole day. Haha good stuff.

Theme of today: Movie Day Rest from ministry with Kima and Anan.

What I did today:

I woke up.

I went to the theater with Kima and Anan.

10:45am We watched our first movie called The Life of Pi. (AMAZING MOVIE. Would recommend it to anyone! A must see Hollywood movie.)

After movie: went to KFC for a bucket o’ chicken. (Yes, I am having fatty foods.)

Played games till 3pm

3pm watched second movie with a ton of school girls: Twilight, breaking dawn part 2. It’s actually a pretty ending with some action scenes. Caught me off guard.

Anyways, that was my day of rest, praise the Lord!

If you guys read through this update, thank you for your dedication and I would like to give you a virtual hug right now. Haha

Prayer request!!
-energy and strength for a class commissioning of SOFM.
-prepared appointments with people to be set for connecting with tomorrow at the lunch tomorrow.
-a preparation for my next destination to Varanasi to be secure.

Much love from India!!