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INDIA182: Day 47 debrief. . .

I didn’t feel really well today again. I was feeling a lot better the day before but for some reason, the wrenching feeling in my stomach had come back to haunt me. Today was the day that I was suppose to book my ticket and pack for the next location. I kept questioning God why this was happening to me. I was quite frustrated in the morning because I also was asked to lead worship for the last day I was here. I did not feel it all. But I prepared anyways and remembered God’s grace. I continued to push through and worship was one of the best times I’ve had in a while. It was an amazing experience where the Holy Spirit was so present, the worship ended with a simultaneous silence that lasted for almost a couple of minutes from of the awe of His presence.
I was thanking the Lord for such an amazing time though reality started creeping in again for my stomach.
I headed out anyways with psalms 62 in my mind. The Lord had given it to me through out the week of sickness. The main message I got from the chapter was to trust in God’s strength and to find rest in Him alone.
When I came back from gathering the ticket for tonight to Chennai, I couldnt help at the base so I ended up back at the house feeling so desperate and confused and frustrated.
That’s when I knelt down and confronted God. I knew that God was holding me back from leaving but I didnt know why. I again prayed and gave my trust in His strength and told Him I really needed Him right now.
That’s when I found out the 2 chapters I didn’t read for this location that I would read out for every location that I would arrive in which was given from God. Isaiah 58 & 62.
I read them out, and the pain stopped.
God’s grace is sufficient enough for me.

‘Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’

Isaiah 40:30-31

Thank you guys for your encouragements and prayers for this week of trial and refining for me as lessons were learned and relationships were tested. God is good!! (: all the time. I’ll be heading out to Chennai tonight so do please pray for safe travels and just good rest on the way! God has given me even a greater heart when I see the ugly sides of India. I pray that God will continue to rock my world and show me is His glory here!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 47!


INDIA182: Day 46!

Oh the joy to be outside again!!


INDIA182: Day 41, 42, 43, & 44. (SICK LEAVE)


I was eaten alive by mosquitos. I have never seen such fierce, bloodthirsty creatures. Haha
The first day of sickness would be the lack of sleep and tiredness in the body. I really felt bad in not being able to help the Titus team out in cleaning up the rest of the base today.
The next day was where I knew I was getting sick. My body was getting sore and I had a massive headache and a slight cough. Praise the Lord though for His faithfulness from the massive amounts of healing that happened in continue to trust in His goodness. (:
These nights were pretty gruesome with the ninja Mosquitos trying to attack whatever exposed area of my body and fever that crept in as well.
At this point, I knew I needed to head to the hospital and atleast get a small check up for what been going on.
After the diagnosed possibility of dengue fever, getting my blood checked and praising God for His protection from my blood being clean, i have been popping pills and taking MUCH REST for the last couple of days.

Thank you so so much for your interceding on my behalf and the consistent prayers that have encouraged me to continue persisting as well; as the enemy doesn’t want this vision of God to be fulfilled. Please continue praying as God strengthens me and refines me with lessons of these past couple of days. Also pray that God’s glory and His glory alone will be shown in this place of coimbatore along with this new YWAM base that is anointed to send out worshippers and pursuers of God’s heart!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 40 debrief. . .


Theme of the day: sweet mornings with surprise meetings in the afternoon.

I had my ‘work duty’ in the morning to make some French toast for the team which many of them had never had before! Robin (the base leader) and I have been joking for the past breakfasts on seeing if the rest of the boys would like Vegemite. So we left it at the breakfast table to see of any one would venture in trying it.
Today was a base cleaning day and just a gathered summary of equipment that was further needed in the base like tables and chairs and cups and plates etc.
BUT before that, we had to chance to meet up with a family who’s baby girl was 10 days old. The strange coincidence was George Ebenezer (the leader I had in Donavur) had shown me a picture of her before I had even met her! It only clicked when Sammy (the father of the baby) had told me that he knew George as well! It was just a God sent opportunity to be able to connect with Sammy and later coincidentally meet up with him in Coimbatore! Praise the Lord for His randomness! Haha

Much love from India!!


Post updates will be delayed until I’m up and running again!

Much love from India!!

INDIA182: Day 39 debrief. . .

Worship was very very good and new. (: haha it was my first time to head into a Tamil church and experience the incredible worship at the beginning that the pastor led towards handing the praise to me. It was really an enjoyable experience though it costed some sore legs from standing on the stage for a while. (:
I was really really thankful for God’s beauty today in the sky and nature as my eyes are opened to it more everyday!
While heading to a former ywamers home in the afternoon, I was reminded again of the autumn festival that was happening now in which many designs like the one I took were made in front of people’s houses.
Our time spent with the former ywamer was to teach village teenagers a greater understanding of an overview of the Bible. (as the titus team’s specialty)
I was truthfully distracted that afternoon with the mountains that we were surrounded with and the amazing sky. I happily wasn’t alone as the former ywamer was also outside and he started telling me a great many stories of his travels around as a missionary. (:
That literally made my day in just listening and seeing how God worked and still works today in many of our lives. The Great Provider!!
Please pray for this former ywamer as he is prayin for finances to further his ministry in his calling for this village that he is building a base for the youth and teenagers surrounding. Also pray for the titus team and I as we continue to work in unity and strength to spread His love to others! (: (:
Good night folks and thank you again for all the prayers!

Official Newsletter should be coming soon via email!

Much love from India!