INDIA182: The last debrief! ! !


It is done.

It is finished.

And yet, it was finished long long ago when the Son of God came down as a son of man, so that the sons of man can be sons of God. It was never about the destination, but more about the journey and what God has opened my eyes to during it.

Through trusting Him countless of times and seeing Him come through every single time, I have grown to understand more of how to live a daily life with God.

As I sit here in the airport, I ponder on the things that have impacted my life; these past 182 days.
They have become part of me; have encouraged me and blessed me. And now I’m standing with Jesus at the end of this journey, with all of you that have supported me through prayers and encouragements. I stand here with thoughts of things I could have done better but reassuring thoughts that tell me that I made it and that God is proud.

I truly want to express my gratitude towards all of you that have been part of my journey these last 6 months, and have contributed so much in your time, heart, and prayers. I thank you so much, from the deepest part of my heart.

But with a journey finished, a new one begins! With Jesus I will continue taking journey by journey; step by step. For this is what I believe as eternal life: living with Jesus, starting now, and continuing this relationship after I have reached the pearly gates.

Please be tuned in for my next endeavors! I will be spending a month resting and waiting on God to unravel the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve been.

An upcoming event you all can be anticipating for is a promotional clip of INDIA182 launching towards what is to happening next!

This update will be notified through email and posted on this blog. If you are not sure whether or not I have your email, please leave a comment of your email, and I would love to continue updating you!

INDIA182 was a start of something way beyond myself, and it will continue to be a point where I chose to step out more into His faithfulness and His alone.

Much love from India!!

I will be spending the next 2 weeks off the Internet and communications! This time is between Jesus and I! I’m in faith that He will give me a greater picture of what is next!

I hope to be able to contact you guys afterwards!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11


INDIA182: Day 182! ! ! ! ! !


INDIA182: Day 177 + debrief!


Theme of the Day! 2nd day of skateboarding ministry with the boys. + 2 new arrivals of students! YAY.


Much of today was preparation for the DTS through cleaning some rooms that 2 girls were going to stay in and helping in on some cooking with Anima, whom makes home-made bread every day; and has been trying to tempt me into staffing through treats and things haha


Starting from my second day here, it has been constant movies every night! WHOO! Haha And so our nights would end at around 11-12am, with a good sleep on the way.


We came, we saw, we skated.


The girls arrived later that night, dozed and tired. One is from Kolkata and the other is from America. And that’s all I know so far!


Prayer Requests:


– please pray that the Lord starts preparing these students for a 6 months journey with Him which personally transformed my life! May the Lord not hold back on His revelations and love and passion for these students that have not been brought here by chance!

– Also continue praying for the city here to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as walls of generational curses fall right now, from the Light of the world being shown in every corner!


Much love from India!!20130114-112613.jpg

INDIA182: Day 176 + debrief!

Theme of the day: 1st day, out of many days of skateboarding with the boys: MINISTRY THROUGH SKATEBOARDING + good food & company!

Today, I got know about Gage. He and I had a little chat the night before, but we were both really tired to remember much of what we said. Haha So all I knew about him till then was that he was American (the most important part haha), it was his first time flying over to Asia, and he was a cool guy.

I again accepted the chilled/relaxed atmosphere of the place and woke up with a good sleep, and a good cup of coffee. Simon, Gage, and I just started brainstorming ideas and all came up with starting a skateboarding park to attracted youth and bring Jesus!

All this talk about skateboarding brought me back to my days of skateboarding/longboarding down the streets of Perth, Australia. And since Simon’s sons had received skateboards from Australia, we couldn’t help but head out and make fools of ourselves on the Indian streets!

Oh yes! Before I forget, Simon’s family had staffed in Perth, Australia YWAM as well; But long before I was there. Haha small world ay?

Anyways, our skateboarding mobs around the streets brought much attention and curiosity of what these wooden boards with wheels were! Many of the kids were looking and asking questions and some even got the courage to step on for a spin.

And by the time we arrived back to the base, the sun was setting and the day had gone. Not a waste at all with good food, good friends and a good time!

Prayer Requests:

– pray for the youth here in this area to have a good image of who Jesus is, through our actions and expressions of love!

– Also pray for greater doors to open in this skateboarding ministry that be a bridge to connect with this lost and hungry-for-the-truth generation!

I hope you all are doing well and loving the new year of faithfulness, joy, and peace from the Lord! Thank you so so much for all the prayers. There’s not a prayer that He’s not heard from His children for His children!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 175 + debrief!

After the long travels and hectic three days in Delhi, I took my time to get out of bed.

I was greeted with a warm cup of coffee as I finally arrived upstairs. The day before, I got to experience Anima’s home grown vegetables. She would grow out outside in the terrace. They had a huge area that just looked over the city! BEAUTIFUL.

Being focused in the media, I got to help out with the eldest son, Abhishek with some graphics and IT things. It was really impressive how he was in a TV broadcasting graphics designer before he went to Kona to do a DTS. The other son also was like the next Shakespeare. I am yet to read his series that he’s working on though but am truly excited.

One of the atmospheres that I had quickly grown to love, was the chilled/relaxed state we were all in, at the base. But so much fun would happen, it seemed like the day would slip away unnoticed, until my head hit the pillow.

Sometime in the afternoon, I got meet up with Gage; the first student for the upcoming media DTS. There wasn’t much conversation for the first few hours because of the major impression of jetlag that covered his face. Haha

I didn’t have much time left after the brief introductions to connect with Gage, because Rakesh was right on time to pick me up. We set off on a motorcycle that Rakesh borrowed from the pastor he was staying with. I, for some reason, had a slight nervousness with Rakesh riding the bike and looking back at me when he was trying to talk to me. Haha But, praise the Lord, we arrived to the pastor’s house unscathed.

The remainder of the night consisted of endless chats with Rakesh, blocking things that were thrown at me by the pastor’s naughty son, and amazing food with the whole family. Rakesh had explained earlier, that the pastor is a good friend and a student buddy of his, while they were studying in theology. Now, he comes to visit the pastor every month or so to see them. And the pastor also got to explain about the orphanage he was building this area, a little outside the city of Jaipur, to build greater relationship with the villagers and people!

By the end of the night, I had got to pray for their ministries and bless their children in what was to come in their lives!

Prayer Requests:

– please pray for pastor Timothy here in Jaipur to receive greater wisdom and discernment in this coming up orphanage ministry.

– Also pray for Rakesh’s ministry, and he would be shown greater faithfulness and fruit, as he continues to prepare for what God has called him to do!

Much love from India!!20130114-105803.jpg