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INDIA182: The last debrief! ! !


It is done.

It is finished.

And yet, it was finished long long ago when the Son of God came down as a son of man, so that the sons of man can be sons of God. It was never about the destination, but more about the journey and what God has opened my eyes to during it.

Through trusting Him countless of times and seeing Him come through every single time, I have grown to understand more of how to live a daily life with God.

As I sit here in the airport, I ponder on the things that have impacted my life; these past 182 days.
They have become part of me; have encouraged me and blessed me. And now I’m standing with Jesus at the end of this journey, with all of you that have supported me through prayers and encouragements. I stand here with thoughts of things I could have done better but reassuring thoughts that tell me that I made it and that God is proud.

I truly want to express my gratitude towards all of you that have been part of my journey these last 6 months, and have contributed so much in your time, heart, and prayers. I thank you so much, from the deepest part of my heart.

But with a journey finished, a new one begins! With Jesus I will continue taking journey by journey; step by step. For this is what I believe as eternal life: living with Jesus, starting now, and continuing this relationship after I have reached the pearly gates.

Please be tuned in for my next endeavors! I will be spending a month resting and waiting on God to unravel the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve been.

An upcoming event you all can be anticipating for is a promotional clip of INDIA182 launching towards what is to happening next!

This update will be notified through email and posted on this blog. If you are not sure whether or not I have your email, please leave a comment of your email, and I would love to continue updating you!

INDIA182 was a start of something way beyond myself, and it will continue to be a point where I chose to step out more into His faithfulness and His alone.

Much love from India!!

I will be spending the next 2 weeks off the Internet and communications! This time is between Jesus and I! I’m in faith that He will give me a greater picture of what is next!

I hope to be able to contact you guys afterwards!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11


INDIA182: Day 182! ! ! ! ! !


INDIA182: Day 181 debrief! ! !




Theme of the day: A divine meeting in the train cont. + prep prep prep + evening dinner with an unexpected party.

So as I had clued in, on the previous debrief, I had another divine appointment on the train! I was truly cold, relieved, tired, and happy to be finally heading back to Delhi! The couple had settled in next to me and the husband soon started asking me a few questions. We both had a common venture in seeing the Taj Mahal and also surprisingly both working towards ministries as well! I sort of forgot where the conversation went from there, but some how got to talking about Christianity and principles and salvation and aliens and random controversies! It literally happened through out the whole 4 hour train ride to Delhi. Time seemed to flash by; and with an addition input of my tiredness, I was safely in the host family’s house by no time.

I had also gotten the contacts of the couple that were travelling with me. Neel is from Scotland, and his wife is from Kalimpong, and they were inviting me for a prayer meeting with a Nepalese fellowship! Having nothing else planned for the day, I gratefully accepted!

For my rest, I got to sleep in some because of the late arrival the night before. I was greeted in the morning/afternoon by the family host inviting me to their church again for some lunch. There, I got to connect with some of the mercy ministry staff again! Many of them were asking where I’ve been or how my trip was to Jaipur. I also got to reunite with some of the kids I had made friends with earlier!

For the rest of the day, I had to get my itinerary printed, get some cash to pay off a few people that I had forgotten to pay accommodation for, and update this blog! Haha

Sorry for the uber late updates folks! I’ve caught up to speed and am on schedule!

You guys are champions and I have not given up the journey I’m suppose to finish with God!

Later that evening, I got a call from Neel again and got picked up towards his house. The fellowship consisted of 15-16 Nepalese and Northeasterns and Neel’s wife’s grandma and aunt, whom I had met the night before on the train! It was snug little meeting with prayers for each other, testimonies, sharing of truth, and of course: food!

For my last evening in India, I had never expected to be with a group of Nepalese and Northeasterners who I had just met, along with the host who I had just came to know the night before! But I didn’t mind it at all. I was again encouraged of the hope that lived in the houses/flats in these areas, in these districts, in these cities, in this country! It was a good night to end it off with these people from all different types of backgrounds, in all different types of jobs, and in different types of situations. BUT choosing to let that go to God and choosing to love Him here.

And here I am, typing this second to last debrief; not knowing what’s to come, but enjoying the ‘right now’ and loving it with Jesus.

Last debrief coming tomorrow.

Goodnight India.

Prayer Requests:

– Greater wisdom for Neel and his family. May he have more and more understanding of who God is and who he is in Him!

– The Nepalese fellowship to continue flourishing and growing in understanding how to love God in a daily basis; And that life/purpose/destiny is not about the destination BUT ABOUT THE JOURNEY!!!

– a good rest tonight in the presence of God and a surge of vigor to pump me up for the flight tomorrow!

– a safe and peaceful journey back to Singapore; with a family waiting eagerly for their son to come back home.

– a blessing and light to be implanted here in the capital of India. There will be true representatives of Your love rising up from this city and area!!

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 171, 172, & 173 debrief. . .

Theme of the daysss: Being a tourist + prayer walking around the many many sites in Delhi.


While most of the mercy ministry team was busy and still in the holiday spirit of not doing anything, God had brought me a courageous young boy (15 years) to travel with me and communicate for me when I had just a little ounce of knowledge in speaking Hindi. I had also felt a calling from the Holy Spirit to call him along this three day trip with me around Delhi.


The boy’s name is Sonu. For the past 3 days in Delhi, we have been connecting more and more through first meeting in church, and then to the movie theater, and now travelling about Delhi. During the first day of the trip, we were to venture to a site called the amber fort. It was my first time traveling on monorail in India and I was quite impressed at it! Sonu had said that they are already building more of then in the different major cities in India for a better/faster way to travel around.

At the foot of the red fort, I gave Sonu a debrief of what I was doing here for the next 3 days and what prayer walking meant and what interceding meant. Before all of this, he had only gotten to experience prayer walking once in his life. We then started off in the fort, because I could pull off looking like a northeastern Indian, we got head straight in without questions and a cheaper price! PRAISE THE LORD!


For the next two days, we would head about towards different temples, sites, and areas where the host family had recommended me to go. During this whole time, I had felt a great spirit of greed and bitterness in the areas we were heading into. I would also ask Sonu many times of what he was feeling or what he was hearing from the Lord. I could see a greater interest and growth in this kid’s spiritual awareness and want to hear the voice of God more! It was such an encouragement to see such a young boy come with me and Jesus to these places!


In one of the sites, it was a hanuman temple. This place was specially recommended to go to from the host family. I immediately felt a dark presence as I stepped in the area. I had rarely felt such darkness than I did there. Hanuman is a god in Hinduism providing strength and blessing. It was huge crowd pushing and pulling to get inside the temple and offer their sacrifice or prayer so they would be blessed. Sonu and I just stood outside and prayed for this place. There was enough to be felt outside of the temple.


3 days of full-on ministries visiting sites and seeing the beauty of these structures but also arriving to areas where such greed, lust for money, and anger could be seen. Though Sonu didn’t say much from the experience, it had really opened his eyes to the spiritual world that is so entangled with the physical.


By the end of the last day, we headed out to a mo mo (dumpling) restaurant and had fills of them. With warm stomachs in a cold night, we chatted about the experience a little bit more. And though it was the end of a good 3 days spent, I had to jump straight into bed for some rest for my bus trip to Jaipur tomorrow!! So few days, and yet so much to do!!


Prayer requests:


– please pray for the sites in Delhi, especially the hanuman temple. May the light of the Lord shine forth in these areas and break the darkness impelled within.

– Also pray for strength from Lord, as I travel to Jaipur tomorrow to visit a media ministry there that I have been recommended to meet for a couple now! I’m excited!

– Also continue praying for the mercy ministry here to have greater and greater understanding and revelations of God’s love.

– And pray for Sonu. May his life be led by the Holy Spirit and continued to be molded, starting now, into more of an intimacy with God day by day!


Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 170 + debrief!


nuff said.

Oh and culture shock of the day :

If you invite an Indian to watch a movie, he/she/they expect you to pay for them.

A quick info for any future tourists planning to come to India and planning to invite an Indian to watch a movie. . .

Much love from India!! 20130114-104429.jpg

INDIA182: Day 169 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: Sunday church worship + chow mein

My second day in Delhi! The host family invited me the day before to church and a greater opportunity to meet with more of the ywam staff that were part of the mercy ministry.

I have been getting a lot closer to the host family’s son. I met him halfway as he was heading to my house to pick me up. He’s such a young kid but already so smart.

We took a short stroll to the church and arrived to a small apartment flat where a couple had already gathered. It was great to participate in a church service again wherever it was. I’ve been traveling so much, I have forgotten the last time I went to a church!

What I learned was the mercy ministry had started this church service and used it as a bridge for connecting the staff together in recent updates and closer relationships.

During the service, I was seated next to a lady from Holland staffing here named Petra. We later got talking and expressed our dreams to watch the hobbit! Now I have 2 with me on this great quest to the movie theater! Haha

After the service, the host family invited me back to their house for lunch. While I was there, I also got to meet the worship team in whom a boy also wanted to come and watch the movie with me! And thus the four us: Jeremiah, Petra, Sonu and I were super pumped at what was up ahead.

I had gotten to connect with the mercy ministry as a whole today and gotten to see their strength and persistence in this tough city.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for the mercy ministry staffs here to be refreshed by the love of God and the rest and peace He promises to give to all those weary and heavy laden.

– also pray for a greater amount of purity in this place. May the city of Delhi have a greater understanding of the beauty of purity.

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 168 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: A family visit to the mall, a chat with the mercy ministry base, and some good home cooked food (it had beef in it!)

I had invited the host family of the mercy ministry in Delhi for some lunch the day before. In the morning, the family took me to a mall nearby to grab some food and just an experience of mod India. I could really see the development of India and the western influence as I walked through the mall; noticing many stores that I’ve seen in other western countries.

It was again a pretty chilled day with the host family as we chatted and walked around and played with the kids. I thanked Esther and Julius again for their hospitality and generosity in having them host me in Delhi during their holiday season. During this time, we got to chat about the city of Dehli and just more of the spiritual side of things here.

After our visit to the mall, we brought the conversation back to their house as they invited me to end the day in dinner! They continued to let me in on the history of Dehli and the busyness of the city life that affects the different groups of society/people/culture that have come to this city for job and ‘success’.

Since arriving here, the feeling of this journey is dying down. IT’S SO EXCITING!! It’s really something I’m looking forward to and also not looking forward to BUT this is not the end between India and I!

Wonderful home made dinner by the way! Had just the right amount of meat in the meal; TONS OF IT haha

Prayer requests:

City of Delhi

Spiritual Atmosphere:

Strongholds: busyness, pride, anger, drunkenness, greed, lust, disunity, confusion, depression, religious spirit

Religion: Hinduism, Muslim, Sikh

Many people from different states come here looking for jobs.

Depending on the people groups in India that have come here, there are different gods in the specific.

How was Delhi was formed?

In the time of Mogul emperors that had conquered and reigned here, there were many kingdoms and rules and authorities. There was a lot of disunity and greed and grasp for authority. Much comparison and much caste ism.

The younger generation is very evolved in work. Most of them do not know what Hinduism is and who God is; they are just asked to follow the crowd/family. There is a big identity crisis. They are very confused in what they believe. They are more concentrated in their career.

Redemptive attributes: unity, generosity, reading out the word of God

– pray for that these redemptive attributes be greatly imparted into the hearts of those who are spiritually blind and spiritually seeing!

– may many of the churches not hold trespasses against each other because of certain principles other people do not follow; BUT rather live the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-19)

Much love from India!!


INDIA182: Day 167 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: A interesting welcome to the city of Delhi, a few updates over a good cup of coffee, and a walk around the place. (Mostly just a day of rest.)

I arrived in the city of Delhi with a cold welcome. It was again a weird timing in the morning where I had to reluctantly wake my hosts to give me some directions on where the auto rickshaw was going to drop me 5 o’clock AM. I was definitely cheated on my fare towards the place but wasn’t really conscious enough to realize it. haha

There was a little bit of a miscommunication with my accommodation so the hosts had to move me to a Catholic monastery for my stay there; which was fine and pretty cool, because I got to see so many nuns walking around and felt like I was in sound of music or something. haha

I apparently didn’t come at a good time, because all of the staff where still on holidays and most of the ministries around the city were not really operating. I had a little orientation of the area of Delhi I was in, the places to go grab good cheap food, and a few contacts in case I got lost; And there I was left to fend for myself. It was something unexpected, coming into a city like Delhi, but something I didn’t mind because it was the first day here and I still had to manage some projects I had been procrastinating to update.

And that was most of the day. haha You folks didn’t really have to read through this but bless you if you did anyways! Thank you so much for your support and patience still as the days tick away! I can’t believe I have less than 2 weeks left in India!! May Jesus have all the glory from me while I’m still here!

Prayer requests:

– please pray for God’s will in my schedule here to be shown, because there is a discouraging amount of things to do while I have planned to stay the week here.

– also pray for the teams here (including my host) to continue getting rest and strength during this time, so they can push forward in this new with the ministries God has given them a heart for!


Much love from India!!