INDIA182: Day 169 debrief. . .

Theme of the day: Sunday church worship + chow mein

My second day in Delhi! The host family invited me the day before to church and a greater opportunity to meet with more of the ywam staff that were part of the mercy ministry.

I have been getting a lot closer to the host family’s son. I met him halfway as he was heading to my house to pick me up. He’s such a young kid but already so smart.

We took a short stroll to the church and arrived to a small apartment flat where a couple had already gathered. It was great to participate in a church service again wherever it was. I’ve been traveling so much, I have forgotten the last time I went to a church!

What I learned was the mercy ministry had started this church service and used it as a bridge for connecting the staff together in recent updates and closer relationships.

During the service, I was seated next to a lady from Holland staffing here named Petra. We later got talking and expressed our dreams to watch the hobbit! Now I have 2 with me on this great quest to the movie theater! Haha

After the service, the host family invited me back to their house for lunch. While I was there, I also got to meet the worship team in whom a boy also wanted to come and watch the movie with me! And thus the four us: Jeremiah, Petra, Sonu and I were super pumped at what was up ahead.

I had gotten to connect with the mercy ministry as a whole today and gotten to see their strength and persistence in this tough city.

Prayer requests:

– please pray for the mercy ministry staffs here to be refreshed by the love of God and the rest and peace He promises to give to all those weary and heavy laden.

– also pray for a greater amount of purity in this place. May the city of Delhi have a greater understanding of the beauty of purity.

Much love from India!!



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